LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A big week lies ahead for Clark County School District families. Starting Tuesday, elementary students will be invited back into buildings each and every weekday, and remaining older students will get a chance to go back to some form of in-person learning for the school year.

Spring break will extend into Monday, but starting Tuesday, seventh, eighth, 10th and 11th graders will be invited back into classrooms. However, their schedules won't exactly look traditional.

"Not only will they only go two days a week, for the hybrid kids, they're actually only going half a day to the school,” said Nevada PTA President Rebecca Garcia.

Garcia said, for now, families will need to continue being flexible with changes brought on by the pandemic.

"They're only gonna be doing a couple classes at school, then they're gonna come home and do more work at home,” said Garcia.

But one CCSD eighth grader we spoke to said that's better than nothing. She said she’s most looking forward to social interaction.

“You actually will be able to learn more,” said Alexandra Rollins, a student at Brian and Teri Cram Middle School. “And you're more awake as well. Because just staring at the computer with your mic and your cam off, you just sit there, and you're like slowly dozing off to sleep."

School generic exterior

Students gathered outside a CCSD school building. (FILE) 

Rollins said she has been struggling academically, particularly in math, but she's hopeful hybrid learning will help her focus.

"Going to real places, you're more awakened by the surroundings, sunlight, everything else,” said Rollins.

Despite the changes, many CCSD families are opting to keep their students in distance education.

The school district has a COVID-19 case dashboard online. You can see how many cases there are districtwide, and you can also filter your search by individual school.

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