LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Students pre-K through third grade will return to campus March 1. Ahead of the return, FOX5 toured the inside of classrooms at Goolsby Elementary School.


When you first step inside a classroom, you’ll notice all desks are at least six feet apart. The maximum amount of students allowed inside a classroom is 12, but most classes will have less than that.

In one classroom, a second grade teacher added dots on the ground. Students can stand on their dots to stretch out their legs while practicing social distancing.

"I'm so excited. I truly can’t express my enthusiasm," first grade teacher Jennifer Shenkberger said. "As most of us can probably attest to, we became teachers to be with children."

This week is Shenkberger’s first time back on campus since September 2020. She said it will be a bigger challenge juggling a mix of in-person and virtual students.


"I’ve pretty much just thought of it as teaching three mini classes,” Shenkberger said. “We have cameras. We have livestream times when children know to join us for a whole group experience. We have a cart that has a chrome book on it that can follow us around. If I wanted to take my little live streaming kiddos around the classroom I can."

Every in-person student will also utilize their Chromebooks, so everyone is learning together.

Plexiglass barriers were installed in some classrooms to protect students and teachers.

At Goolsby, about 95% of teachers are returning to in-person learning. The principal said there was an effort to keep students with their same teacher.

"There were easier ways to do this and I will say, in compliments to the teachers, they didn’t take the easy way," Goolsby Principal Danny Eichelberger said. "They took the way that was going to give them the most time with their kids and their specific class."

CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara said success in these first few weeks will mean that the coronavirus mitigation strategies they’ve put in place actually work.

“Minimize the infections in our schools, which is what we have seen across the country ... that the school infection has been lower than the county or city," Jara said.


Students will be split into three cohorts. Cohort’s A and B will be in the classroom two days per week with virtual learning during the other three days. Cohort 3 will be strictly virtual.

Recess will be allowed, but playgrounds and drinking fountains are blocked off with caution tape.

Schools within the Clark County School District closed March 16, 2020 following mitigation efforts outlined by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak. Since then, hybrid instruction models have been an ongoing discussion with the CCSD board of trustees, superintendent and local authorities.

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