LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Mo’s Race Day Cafe has changed its normal business hours to accommodate unwanted business the Electric Daisy Carnival brings.

Owner Marco Rios said too many concert attendees come in to the restaurant and are a liability for his employees and regular customers.

This is Rios’ second year owning the restaurant. Rios said after learning his lesson during last year's EDC weekend, he made drastic changes.

EDC bringing unwanted business to Las Vegas cafe. (FOX5)

EDC bringing unwanted business to Las Vegas cafe. (FOX5)

“We realized that people would just come in and they would just sleep outside by the benches, they would sleep in my booths," Rios said. "And I had to tell them you guys gotta go. You’re not here to sleep.”

The cafe is located directly across one of the entrances to the concerts, which Rios said lures the wrong type of crowds.

“The breakfast crowd just turns out to be that they have no where to go so they just want to come in here because its the first thing they see,” Rios said.

Rios said many concert-goers come in try to use his restroom or even worse congest the entire parking lot. Last year, Rios said more than 200 cars were parked in his lot, blocking customers from coming in.

Mo’s Race Day Cafe isn’t the only one in the area making the decision to change hours. Many businesses in the plaza are shutting down entirely.

“They’re going to be closed. They’re going to shut down this Thursday," Rios said. "They’re not even going to be here this weekend...they’re not going to even open until Tuesday."

The cafe's new hours for EDC weekend are 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Friday through Sunday. Mo’s Race Day Cafe will only be open for the lunch rush as an added caution to his employees and customers.

Rios said, “You know of course every owner wants to make money, but with the crowd its not worth it."

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