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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The ecosexual movement is moving its way to Las Vegas, but people who identify as ecosexuals have said there are a lot of misunderstandings surrounding their lifestyle.

"As human beings, when we die, we're going back into the earth,” said UNLV professor Jennifer Reed. “That’s literally where the vows end, with till death brings us closer together forever, because we really are part of the earth."

Professor Reed said she has been researching ecosexuality for her dissertation. She said ecosexuals are just people who lead environmentally-conscious sex lives.

"Products that are used in the bedroom is a big place where the ecosexual movement started,” said Reed.

She said it’s similar to when people search for natural products for their skin and hair. Ecosexuals believe it should be the same with products such as lubricant or sexual enhancement products.

"Often times they're made out of toxic materials,” said Reed. “Because they don't have any health regulations."

In her studies, Reed said she has learned that ecosexuals are where environmentalists and sex rights advocates meet. According to Reed, for too long, society has separated man from nature.

"That sort of separation, in our minds,” said Reed. “Intellectually has allowed for a lot of environmental issues and destruction to happen."

That doesn’t mean that people don’t dive a little deeper when it comes to ecosexual eroticism.

"The first thing you always hear is people having sex with trees, and its made out to be this very perverse sort of thing,” said Reed.

“I mean there are people who are more or less erotic with the earth. They feel an erotic experience going in the hot tub, its also drawing back to having a sensual in everyday connections with the earth."

But according to Reed, for the most part, when people Google search "ecosexuality," it’s exaggerated online.

"They have big public performance art weddings,” said Reed. “People dressed in elaborate costumes are creating performance art, to draw attention to the issues and that's what performance art does. A lot of times it gets misconstrued as people going out and doing crazy stuff."

The movement was founded by former adult film actress and artist Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens, an artist, activist and educator. 

To learn more: sexecology.org/research-writing/ecosex-manifesto/

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