(dT Alley Community Coalition)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A once-trash-filled alley in Downtown Las Vegas is set to transform into a tourist attraction, filled with artwork and pop-up performances. 

Located between Fremont Street and Carson and Las Vegas Boulevard and 6th Street, the project dubbed "dT-alley" is described as Las Vegas' first ever alley revitalization project. The area will serve as a gathering ground for locals and tourists alike.

The dT Alley Community Coalition, Inc (DCC), a Nevada non-profit corporation, describes the project as an immersive, interactive alleyway that will combine nature, art, education, music and community in downtown Las Vegas.

"This alley has felt historically unsafe. That's a shame, because it's so close to where 20 million annual visitors on the Fremont Street Experience," said John Curran of dT Alley Community Coalition.

In partnership with the City of Las Vegas, dT-alley, which will make its debut on Thursday, Feb. 20, "will create new experiences incorporating art and interactivity through the use of murals, innovative landscaping and multiple interactive “moments” – all of which provide a secure and beautiful space in an otherwise under-utilized area."

Upon completion, dT-alley will include over 10,000 square feet of a total design refresh with vibrant murals from local artists, improved drainage and 15 LED streetlights. 

According to organizers, the area will also serve as a space for forthcoming thoughtful programming like art walks, farmers markets and kid-friendly events that use the permanent piano installation, puppet theatre and a "take a book/leave a book" library on-site. 

“As a whole, Las Vegas has 30 acres of park space per 10,000 residents, while downtown Las Vegas has just 2 acres per 10,000 residents. With a shortage of park space in Downtown Las Vegas, dT-Alley provides a new outdoor space and a sense of community with an artistic flair,” said Todd Kessler, President of the DCC. “This incredibly transformative project is 8 years in the making and we are so proud to unveil it to the community with such instrumental partners behind us.”

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This is absolutely not “ first alley revitalization project, to open in downtown”. This one has been notable for years https://yelp.to/qTKq/vIiNcc2CS3 and I spearheaded this artful alley project last year https://yelp.to/qTKq/UbBdKA7CS3

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