LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A health challenge is gaining popularity in the U.S. for people looking to set New Year’s resolutions. It’s called Dry January and it’s where a person gives up alcohol for the first month of the year.

"During the holiday season people tend to over indulge, over drink and so they have new Year's resolutions and so this Dry January motto has come about and people are doing it more and more," said Dr. Constantine George, Chief Medical Officer of Vedius.

Dry January started in the United Kingdom as a health campaign. It has steadily grown in popularity to other areas of the globe. The hashtag #DryJanuary brings up more than 200,000 posts on Instagram. 

Dr. George said quitting alcohol can have several medical benefits including improved sleep, mood and weight. But a break from drinks can also come with unexpected benefits like helping your wallet.

"People tend to forget when you're drinking how much money you're actually spending,” said Dr. George. “You think I just went to the bar, had a drink there, had a drink there but if you add it up over an extended period of time, you're shocked sometimes on how much money you've spent."

And taking a step back from alcohol can help people who drink recognize any potentially harmful habits.

"It's a time to stop the alcohol, kind of reassess yourself and figure out am I drinking because I'm depressed? Am I drinking because I'm anxious or is a habit that I've developed?" said Dr. George.   

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