(Courtesy, Kazier Bonstein)

(Courtesy, Kazier Bonstein)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Four young men are wanted by Metro police after robbing a local smoke shop over the weekend.

Surveillance video showed four men in masks and carrying guns walk into Smokes Mart on West Flamingo near Fort Apache Road on Saturday just before midnight.

The robbers held two employees at gunpoint while they destroyed the store. Not only was the surveillance video extremely clear but it also picked up sound.

At one point in the video, you can hear one of the employees, Kazier Bonstein, pleading for his life. “I really don’t want to die tonight. I really don’t want to die tonight,” he said.

Kazier was held at gunpoint with his wife, Amanda Dowdy, who is the manager of the store.

In the first few seconds of the surveillance video, the suspects walk into the store yelling, “Get down! Get down!”

Bonstein can then be heard screaming, “Please, please don’t hurt us! Just take it!”

Bonstein was near the cash register.

“My heart hit the floor. I hit the floor with it,” he said.

Dowdy was in the back of the store before the suspects forced her behind the register with her husband.

“A lot of fear but at the same time I just tried to remain calm,” Dowdy said when asked what was going through her mind during the robbery.

For the next few minutes, one of the men rifled through the register.

“How you open it?” He yelled at Bonstein. He then asked where he could find more money.

As another guy cleared the shelves, the man at the register became frustrated with Bonstein.

“Come on hurry up!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me," Bonstein replied.

Tensions were high.

“They always asked for money, more access to more items. Where the safe was, where the security footage was,” Bonstein said.

The couple said the robbers kept checking in with each other about how much time had passed. While it appeared they were somewhat conscious of time, they spent almost ten minutes in the store. That’s much longer than your typical smash-and-grab robbery.

“I’m pretty sure they noticed I didn’t get the chance to trigger any alarms,” said Bonstein.

The robbers made sure both he and his wife couldn’t call 911.

“They wanted to see my hands the whole time, they wanted me to lay down. They asked if I had a phone on me I said no. But I did,” said Dowdy.

Amanda was secretly sitting on her phone. She said they took all the landline phones and threw them in the bushes on their way out.

The suspects made off with more than $6,000 worth of merchandise, mainly specialty items.

“These ones each are all limited edition and they took them too,” said Bonstein.

The couple said behind the masks, there was something familiar about them.

“All of the voices are people I’ve serviced here before,” said Bonstein.

Now the store is going through old surveillance video trying to match the voice to a face.

The couple said they are still shaken up but at least they have each other. The owner said he was proud they complied with the robber’s demands and therefore weren’t hurt.

Since Saturday, the owner changed their closing time from midnight to 11 p.m.

That's when Lee's Liquor next door closes, so now all the employees in the complex can look out for each other at the end of the night.

If you recognize the suspects in the video, call Metro police.

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