Las Vegas homeless courtyard

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- As the City of Las Vegas considers a new ordinance aimed at the homeless population, people who work in the hardest hit areas spoke about what they see on a daily basis.

“We’re trying to run our business, we literally have homeless people trying to take people’s food off the table, they’re are trying to engage in conversations. I literally have to kick out at least two homeless people out of the restaurant every day,” said Sabrina Cordova, assistant manager at restaurant Nacho Daddy.

Other employees at Nacho Daddy said they've witnessed homeless individuals screaming obscenities and urinating on the walls just outside of the business.

The City of Las Vegas is considering an ordinance that would make it a misdemeanor to set up shelters on sidewalks if there is still room at the shelters. 

If the ordinance passes, homeless individuals will get a choice when approached by law enforcement: Go to the shelter or face a misdemeanor charge. 

Chaddrick Stockman has been homeless for the past eight years and said the ordinance will do little to deter others like himself.

“I would just go to jail. I just got out of jail three weeks ago. For jaywalking,” Stockman said.

Cordova said she supports the ordinance and believes it will help to clean up the downtown area.

“They tend to make their way over here because even if the cops do come and they move them they always come back because they know this is the place that they are least going to get it,” said Cordova.

Las Vegas City Council has set the first public hearing on the proposed ordinance for November 6.

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Do not Californicate Nevada!


Take them all up north in the winter and drop them off in the mountains. Then you wont need the ordinance. They are wasted life and they are not needed to cause problems with hard working people.

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