LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Business owners are cleaning up the mess looters left behind after demonstrations in Downtown Las Vegas and it comes after months of closure from the pandemic.

Kia Lemon who owns a boutique clothing store called What Dress Code has surveillance video of looters smashing the window to her store.

Looters came into her store, vandalized it and even tried to break open the cash register.

Lemon said she doesn't know how much merchandise they got away with.

She said she believes the looters were not part of the protest.

"It's not the peaceful protesters that are vandalizing and breaking into these stores but it's the people taking advantage of the situation," said Lemon.

Her store only recently getting the okay to reopen after months of being closed.

"It's frustrating. It's like one hit after another,” said Lemon.

6/1 looting

A boarded up business in downtown Las Vegas on June 2, 2020.

Lemon says she is still trying to make up for lost income from the pandemic. 

"Even dealing with the pandemic and COVID-19 has been a struggle for me not only as a new business owner but as well as a small business,” said Lemon.

Other business owners in the area spent much of the day cleaning up the mess looters made when they vandalized stores.

“I started at noon. I waited for the glass people. They came to fix it. After that I put the cover on. Almost seven hours," said Carlos Yero, owner of Guama and Hatuey Cigar Lounge.

Yero said a rock was thrown through the front window of his store and he narrowly escaped being looted.

"They didn't rob me because the police came fast.They stayed here. A lot of police cars," said Yero.

Yero and Lemon have both closed their businesses until further notice.

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