shayanne briggs

Shayanne Briggs sits on her wheelchair as she recovers from the shooting.

LAS VEGAS -- A woman who was shot 15 times by her then boyfriend spoke with FOX5 Vegas about the April attack.

“I feel a lot stronger mentally,” Shyanne Briggs said. “I feel like I can conquer anything right now.”

Briggs now ex-boyfriend Keith Lamar-Butler Tillman is in prison for attempted murder. 

Briggs was scheduled to go home after a months-long stay at Kindred Hospital on Flamingo.

Doctors treated her 15 bullet wounds and amputated part of her right leg, Briggs said.

“I sit back and think how did you do that? How did you pull that off? I’ve escaped some serious stuff, but nothing like this.”

The situation started as a verbal fight, Brigg said.

“I just got off work and asked him to do one thing -- to make the bed,” Briggs said. “He totally attacked me."

Tillman previously told police that the argument was over child custody. Briggs said that is not true.

“He just went off,” Briggs said. “He came out of the bedroom, came up to me, and started saying crazy things.”

Briggs said she left the house to cool off, came back, and that is when Tillman shot her.

Since the incident, Briggs has dedicated time to advocating for domestic violence victims and survivors.

“She is an incredibly strong person,” said Andrew Choudry, who is a Kindred Hospital activities assistant. “She is someone who although has not fully recovered has already started working towards helping others.”

Briggs helped organize a blanket drive at the hospital in October. The blankets were taken to SafeNest.

Briggs is moving back into the home where the shooting happened, but she plans to move out soon.



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