A Las Vegas woman who witnessed the chaos of the mass shooting in Las Vegas said she knew the sounds of gunfire were not firecrackers she saw a man nearby drop to the ground, his "eyes wide open lifeless," according to 1 October documents released Wednesday by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

As she crouched down, a massive spraying of bullets rained down and the unidentified woman said she thought the gunfire was coming from helicopters above.

Her account was among those provided by Las Vegas police in a DVD with witness statements and officer reports about last year's mass shooting that killed 58 people and injured hundreds on the Las Vegas Strip.

The witness statements also include a 14-page interview with Jesus Campos, three days after the shooting. The interview lasted 15 minutes.

It was made public after a court battle by The Associated Press and other media organizations to obtain public records about the Oct. 1 shooting.

As required by the Nevada Supreme Court, Metro just released 1,234 pages of documents related to #1October.We are working on reading and uploading online as fast as we can. #LasVegasShooting pic.twitter.com/WsL6QrDwr2— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 16, 2018

One woman said she climbed a fence and sprinted toward a stage where she saw people taking cover. She had to jump over the dead body of a security guard on her way before crawling under a stage only a few feet high.

From there, she texted her sister-in-law who was watching her kids: "OMG, there's tons of gunshots and people dead everywhere."

Witness' names were blacked out from more than 1,200 pages of reports made public Wednesday by Las Vegas police.

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One woman said she and her boyfriend witnessed a conversation between two suspicious persons prior to the shooting.

This woman, who identifies herself as security for DHS/ TSA, describes overhearing two suspicious women before the shooting.“These stupid fucking white people they are going to know how it feels they deserve this... woohoo like shooting fish in a barrel” pic.twitter.com/Iw26599M4w— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 17, 2018

Another witness said, just prior to the shooting, he had an encounter with a suspicious man at the bus stop on Las Vegas Blvd and Hacienda. He described the man as "nervous and anxious," continuously looking at the Mandalay Bay. He said the man had bloodshot eyes and was missing three teeth.

"Say a prayer before whats about to happen tonight," the man reportedly said.

Right before the shooting, this witness met a suspicious person with missing teeth at the bus stop.He was looking at Mandalay Bay, talking about God, and asking questions about the festival.#LasVegasShooting #1October pic.twitter.com/jXMVBn9QSd— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 16, 2018

Police two weeks ago released video from two officers' body-worn cameras showing police blasting through the door of the 32nd-floor hotel suite where authorities say the gunman opened fire from windows and killed himself before officers arrived.

The police department opposed releasing the information, calling the public records request costly and time-consuming.

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