LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - It was a reunion 58 years in the making. 

"Oh my god, my stomach just like dropped to the floor and I started crying with joy. All my life, I dreamed of knowing who my mother was," said Kim Dixon. 

With one swab of the mouth, Dixon's dream came true. At 17 years old, she found out her parents were not her birth parents. Her daughter, Keeianna, lives in Las Vegas. 

"It was always in the back of her mind," she said. 

Dixon's family grew but there was always something missing. 

"All my life, I felt her," Dixon said. 

Mother and daughter reunited

Last year, at 58, Dixon sent in a DNA swab to

She got a match that led her to her aunt ... Well, to her aunt's inbox. It took Dixon a year to talk to her. 

"She was over 80 I believe. She didn't know how to operate the website. So finally, someone helped her figure it out," she said. 

That's when Dixon figured out her birth mother was Peggy Peruch. 

Last summer in San Diego, Peggy, Dixon, Keeianna, and the rest of the family met for the first time. 

"As soon as she saw me and I saw her we just fell into each other’s arms and embraced for a long time ... I didn't want to let her go." 

"Having them accept us with open arms and be just warm and welcoming is amazing," said Keeianna. 

The pair sat on the beach and learned they're both mellow and down to earth. 

"Her smile, it's wonderful. It's imprinted in my mind," said Dixon. 

"They have the same eye shape. They walk the same," said Keeianna. 

The adoption agency gave Peggy a baby picture of Dixon. It never left her wallet. 

"They let her hold me for like five minutes. Can you imagine how that must have felt? Oh my god I’m about to cry," said Dixon. 

Now when they let go, they said they know they'll see each other again soon. 

"I love them all and I'm excited to establish a relationship with the entire family," said Keeianna. 

"All my life ever since I found out, I wanted to know and the dream – dreams do come true," said Dixon crying. 

Dixon lives in L.A., Keeianna lives in Las Vegas and Peggy lives in Arizona. They can't all be together this Mother's Day but they're excited to FaceTime. It will be the first Mother's Day they're all in each other's lives. 

Dixon said she is still looking for her father. Just like she didn't give up finding her mom, she's not stopping until she finds him, too. 

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