Floyd Strip Protest

LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- Supporters gathered and marched down the Las Vegas Strip in response to the in-custody death of George Floyd.

Approximately 100 people gathered near the MGM resort and marched to the Las Vegas police substation on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

The overall message from supporters is justice and accountability. This is what one demonstrator named Jordan had to say.

" it's up to everyone to be accountable the people who perpetuate these crimes they have family,friends,and they don't hold them accountable, when the mayor calls for an arrest, but the DA says the can't arrest them who do you turn though, we're so far beyond angry we're just tired.

Tonight's protest remained peaceful and supporters plan to march on Saturday at Container Park. 

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If you don't see how the murder of George Floyd is unjustly then you must be a whole different kind of idiot. A lotta keyboard warriors on here trying to justify the matter at hand when there's no way to possibly adhere to that sorry of an excuse police officers actions. You're just as much of a scum bag he is. The system is broken period. And even if you were to not make race a factor, gender, political beliefs, religion etc. Wrong is wrong and right is right. This scenario being flat out WRONG. That man and his family deserves justice there's no, if, and about it.

Comment deleted.

You sound like a real coward typing away on your keyboard.


If you so-called demonstrators can read, he has been arrested and charged with murder. Maybe you can look at the pictures and see what's happening! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-minneapolis-police-investigation-cnn/minneapolis-police-officer-charged-with-murder-in-george-floyd-case-idUSKBN2351DF

Comment deleted.

Examine all the so-called projects in this country where there is high crime and I guarantee it's a democrat governor!


People like to demonstrate. Hello! Prosecution is being considered and was talked about by our President yesterday!


I thought we couldn't gather in groups of more than 50?

John de Robeck

Floyd who?


It was probably those on welfare, drug dealers and female escort bosses

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