Pamela Bordeaux. (LVMPD)

Pamela Bordeaux. (LVMPD)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police detective is charged with murder, shot her ex son-in-law ten times, according to the Clark County District Attorney's Office.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police said Pamela Bordeaux killed 32-year-old Sean Babbitt inside a northwest valley home Monday morning.

The Clark County Coroner's Office said Babbitt died from multiple gunshot wounds and his death was ruled a homicide.

According to police spokesperson Laura Meltzer, officers were called to the 8500 block of Honey Vine Avenue, near North El Capitan Way and Racel Street, just after 8 a.m. on April 22.

Ex-cop shooting at Honey Vine

Property records showed that the home belongs to Bordeaux.

In a court appearance Tuesday afternoon, prosecutors believe the shooting was sparked by a child custody battle between Bordeaux's daughter and Babbitt.

The couple divorced in 2016, according to court records. They shared a 3-year-old son.

"[Babbitt] only got one hour a week [with his son] and he wanted more time," Babbitt's step-dad of 28 years Dan Mandarino said. "He was paying $800 a month in child support."

Mandarino said Babbitt worked two jobs to provide for his son. He hired a lawyer to adjust the custody agreement.

"The lawyer said he should have more time," Mandarino said. "They filed a motion and [the shooting] happened."

A Las Vegas judge ordered to hold Bordeaux without bail due to lack of information in her case. Bourdeaux is scheduled back in court April 25.

Bordeaux retired about two years ago from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department after 23 years as an officer, according to Spencer. A public defender said Bourdeaux also served in the U.S. Army.

"He would never harm a fly," Mandarino said.

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Toxic FEMININITY, first steal his son, then government & women team up to steal his money(child support) then kills him for wantin more time with his child. Nice !


Custody & child support should always be 50/50. As long as male biased laws & men hating society continues. Men ! Do Not Get Married !


And thats why I consider most cops scum bags


Consider divorced women & the court system, evil scumbags‼️


Well that is one way to get rid of your EX

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