A bicyclist was shot in the head with a BB while riding on the Red Rock loop. The suspect is unknown.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A cyclist is recovering from his injuries after he was shot in the head with a BB gun by a passing car near Red Rock on Saturday.

“A car came behind me like they always do but this one came up and I heard a shot, like air disperse, it went pow!” said victim Miguel Duhamel.

The pellet made its way through his helmet and his cycling cap underneath.

“Immediately my head hurt, I felt a shot in my head and I was like what’s that and for a minute I thought maybe it’s nothing but when I saw blood coming down I knew something was up so I stopped,” said Duhamel.

The puncture is still visible on his head and while he did receive treatment from paramedics, Duhamel says the swelling hasn’t fully subsided.

“I keep touching it, I don’t know if there is still a piece left in my head if it penetrated or not,” said Duhamel.

Red Rock Loop is a popular spot to ride among cyclist and some are now concerned about their safety.

"Honestly I'm concerned because as I said I am here all the time and a lot of times I come by myself," said cyclist Eladio Canibano.

Cell phone service in the area is another concern among those who take the route often.

"The cell phone coverage here is spotty. So if something happens, you're really at the mercy of the drivers," said Canibano.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police is now searching for suspect.

Duhamel said the car that sped past him after the shot was fired was a matte black Nissan 300-Z.

He hopes police catch those responsible so it does not happen again.

"Hoping for other cyclists, walkers and joggers, that these people don't just go around and have fun shooting people like that," said Duhamel.

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The motorcycle racing photo you guys showed is of Miguel's father- Yvon.


Democrats are getting more violent.

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