LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 is demanding the Nevada Gaming Control Board issue new guidelines to protect all casino employees, not just table game dealers.

Currently, gamblers must wear a face mask while sitting at table games inside casinos.

"We're very happy with the dealers. They have that protection. But what about the bartenders? What about the cocktails servers? What about the porters? And what about the restroom attendants?" said Geoconda Argüello-Kline, Secretary-Treasurer for the Culinary Workers Union local 226.

The culinary union issued a statement applauding the decision to protect dealers but say the guidelines don’t go far enough and are demanding the following:

  1. Requiring daily cleaning of guest rooms

  2. Mandatory testing of all employees for COVID-19 before returning to work and regular testing thereafter 

  3. Providing adequate COVID-19 PPE for employees

  4. Enforcing social distancing and other COVID-19 prevention measures

  5. Requiring guests to wear face masks in all public areas

  6. Posting a COVID-19 safety plan on public-facing website 

 "I'm very, very, extremely concerned for myself, for my co-workers and for the guest," said Donna Kelly-Yu, a butler dispatcher at Caesars Palace who was laid off but still assisting with other work at the resort.

 Kelly-Yu said she fears her health is at risk because social distancing is not being enforced and most visitors do not wear a face mask.

 "My concern is that I catch it and I bring it home to my husband and my grand kids," said Kelly-Yu

 The culinary union said it has not yet received a response to it’s demands from the gaming control board.

 FOX5 asked the control board for a comment on the list of demands issued by the culinary union but our request has so far gone unanswered.


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(2) comments

just sayin'

Yep, union workers, do for me, do for me. If they are so afraid of contacting something, get your own protection! Be glad you have a job, that you are working. The union outlasted it's role for helping workers. Due to the unions, there are some workers who do nothing, but cant be fired, because of the union. Move them on and hire people who are willing to work for their pay.


Isn't the union contract up at the end of the month? This might be a great time to hire regular people who would not cause trouble and be happy to have a job and more appreciative of the customers coming back.

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