LAS VEGAS(FOX5)-- A cross-country effort from a family and multiple volunteer groups helped unite a rescue dog with their newfound family.

Kailey, the name Jeff Farmer’s family chose for the dog, was placed on the euthanasia list in a San Bernardino, CA.  Shelter.

Across the country, in Versailles, Kentucky, his wife saw a video of the dog on Facebook.

“You see the video and the way she looks up at you with those eyes. It really tugged at my wife's heart strings,” said Farmer.

On the first leg of Kailey’s journey, a rescue group transported her to Las Vegas, where Farmer and his wife met her for the first time. The family arranged for a professional transport to Versailles, until Kailey escaped the transport coordinator’s yard.

The pup was on the loose for seven days.

Jeff posted a Facebook alert and a local volunteer group, "The Las Vegas Trapping Girls" saw the posting for help.

“We had to go out to help. Anybody with a heart would go out there to help,” said volunteer Kim Biron.

The dog went missing near Tenaya and Azure and the group spotted her in the Northwest Valley. After late nights and cold temperatures, they were eventually able to trap her.

Farmer made another trek out to Vegas to see her, and drove her home, himself.

“I’m very excited,” he said, glad to get her home, finally, with her family. He has a rehab team on standby to work with the dog to get her acclimated to her new home.

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