Malaysia King

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A woman was involved in a Las Vegas bank burglary scheme just days prior to her arrest in connection with a San Francisco Uber driver harassment incident, according to an arrest report.

Malaysia King, 24, was arrested on burglary and burglary conspiracy charges March 9 following a bank fraud scheme at a Bank of America branch in Las Vegas. But two days earlier, King was one of two women seen on dashcam video arguing with a California rideshare driver over a refusal to wear a mask in the vehicle. The women fled the scene, but were later arrested. Police said King was suspected of pepper-spraying the driver during the confrontation. She was arrested by Las Vegas police.


According to Las Vegas police's Financial Crimes Section, King, and a man identified as David Lewis, conspired to use a stolen ID card, credit card and account number to transfer money from a person's account to King's, or a false takeover of the account.

On March 9 about 2:45 p.m., King and Lewis entered the branch located at 901 Rancho S. The branch recognized Lewis from a previous fake card incident, the report said. King and Lewis provided different accounts of events at the bank that day. Lewis told police King was "coaching him" and he would've earned $1,000 by helping her transfer the money. King, who originally provided a false account by saying Lewis asked for help, later said she was driven to the location by another person specifically to assist Lewis.

Lewis had a Virginia state ID, credit card and account number from another man, who had another attempted fraud encounter with Lewis. Police said the ID had "key security features... holograms and printing," that did not match up with government IDs.

Lewis did not provide additional information related to where the counterfeit cards came from. Neither party admitted to knowing the man listed on the account.

Bank of America contacted the victim and confirmed his ID matched the cards.


King and the other women involved were banned from future Uber rides.

As of Friday night, King remains in police custody at the Clark County Detention Center. According to another report, she has an outstanding warrant out of San Francisco County in the Uber incident.

Court records indicate King's "fugitive from justice" case will be heard March 15 at 7:30 a.m. before Judge Eric Goodman.

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Looks like honey child put a little gorilla glue on few hairs !


So good to know all of these scumbags will receive $1,400 in federal assistance!


We actually don't know if they will receive anything, we don't know their income from the previous year, as well as we don't know if they are us citizens since foreign nationals will not receive the stimulus. We also don't know if the check will be garnished be debtors.


Whoolon this 13/90 sister is totally bad news!

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