Denzae Cary

Denzae Cary

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- North Las Vegas police said a woman killed at a July gathering was shot while inside a friend's bathroom before being dropped off at an area hospital.

At 5:36 a.m. on July 19, police say 24-year-old Alexis Lay was driven to North Vista Hospital with a gunshot wound. The driver took off shortly after medical personnel took Lay inside. She died soon after arriving, unable to provide any information about the shooting.

Through extensive cell phone records including Facebook messages, police determined Lay was picked up by a friend identified as Keandre Sims just after midnight. They went to Sims' house to hang out with a group, though it wasn't immediately known how many people were present.

Around dawn, Lay was inside a bathroom at the home when police said Denzae Cary, 26, walked in with a handgun. According to Sims, Cary was playing with the gun, "acting stupid," and it went off. Sims later told police they were intoxicated.

At first, Sims said they were silent and didn't realize Lay had been shot until she said she couldn't breath. The Clark County Coroner later said she had been shot through the back. 

Sims told police he left the house upset, changed and threw out his bloody clothes and showered. The morning after the shooting, police said Sims got a call from a friend at Nevada State Prison. Sims allegedly told the friend that "something big happened," telling the friend "this [expletive] took place this morning in my [expletive] bathroom and all in the house. We tried to clean up all this [expletive], everything, get rid of evidence."

At the home, CSI found evidence of blood in the bathroom, as well as an open bottle of bleach and a bleach-stained towel, confirming the shooting took place at the residence.

Two witnesses to the shooting identified Cary, who was also seen on hospital surveillance video when he dropped off Lay. 

A witness told police they asked Cary and Sims about the shooting. The witness said Sims was in the bathroom with Lay alone when Cary came in with the gun. Cary allegedly told the witness he got the gun from a bed and "didn't know it was loaded." 

According to police, Cary, who has an extensive criminal record including possession of a dangerous weapon, called his wife in California shortly after the shooting to come to Las Vegas to pick him up. 

Nearly a month after the shooting, police arrested Sims for obstructing an officer. He was later arrested for two counts of attempted murder in an unrelated case. In that interview, police said Sims lied and wouldn't name Cary as the shooter.

Cary was arrested on an open murder charge. He's expected in court for a preliminary hearing on November 10. Sims, who is charged with destroying or concealing evidence, is expected in court on October 12. 

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Extensive criminal records,this animal shouldn’t have been out of its cage ! Immediately should be executed!

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