Wrong-way I/15 Speedway crash

Nevada Highway Patrol released an image of a White Camry involved in a wrong-way crash on I-15 northbound near the Speedway on March 13, 2021.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command said that there has been a rise in wrong-way driver calls in 2021.

NHP said there have been 139 calls from January 1 through April 6 of this year; in the same time in 2020, there were 128 wrong-way calls.

NHP said this is a disturbing trend, and in an effort to protect motorists, the agency is offering safety recommendations when traveling:

  • Slow Down: NHP said driving at a high rate of speed decreases the time you have to recognize and react to a wrong-way driver approaching you. 
  • Call *NHP: NHP said if you see a vehicle going the wrong way on a highway, safely dial *NHP, or *647, If you are on a surface street, safely dial 911.
  • Avoid Distracted Driving: NHP said do not use any cell phones or electronic devices while driving. 
  • Drive Defensively: NHP said always look out for possible hazards, because the sooner you recognize a driver approaching you head on, the more reaction time you have.
  • Avoid the Fast Lane, especially during overnight hours: NHP said many wrong-way crashes take place in the far-left travel lane.
  • Drive Sober: According to Nevada Office of Traffic Safety data, 90% of wrong-way fatal crashes in 2019 involved an impaired driver.


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