4/4/20 shooting

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police said detectives were investigating a shooting in the central valley on Sunday night. 

The incident started about 6 p.m. on April 5, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. David Gordon. Officers were in the area of West Washington Avenue and Spyglass Lane, near Decatur Boulevard.

At the scene, LVMPD homicide Lt. Ray Spencer said the investigation started as the Metro air unit observed a motorcyclist acting "suspicious" in a shopping center near Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard.

Spencer said the motorcyclist then took off recklessly, speeding northbound on Decatur. The air unit followed to a community near Decatur and Bonanza Road. 

At Vermont Avenue, Spencer said the motorcycle either stopped or crashed. The rider got off, removed his motorcycle gear, then ran eastbound toward the Friendly Ford dealership.

The suspect then jumped a barbed wire fence behind the dealership into a neighborhood. Spencer said a citizen, a CCW carrier in his 40s, went outside and saw the police helicopter above him. 

The man told police he saw the suspect, a man in his 20s, jump the fence. He reportedly told the suspect he was calling the police and to stop running. The man followed the suspect to a pathway in the condominium complex, Spencer said, when the suspect pulled out a knife.

The man fired two rounds, hitting the suspect, then went to get a first aid kit. Metro officers arrived on scene and helped the man render aid. When medical arrived, Spencer said the suspect was pronounced dead on scene.

The Clark County Coroner's Office identified the victim on Tuesday as 27-year-old Joshua Thomas. The coroner did not have a city of residence listed for Thomas. 

The citizen told police what happened and at the scene, Spencer said they believe the shooting was in self-defense. However, the case will be sent to the Clark County District Attorney's office for review. 

Check back for updates. 

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NRS. 202.280 Unlawful discharge of a firearm. No warning shots


Just putting this out there to the one talking about the CCW test. I doubt you have one. "Warning Shots" are illegal in this state. Any discharge of a firearm outside of an approved shooting range except for self defense in a populated area or within a mile on a state highway is a gross misdemeanor. Warning Shots get other people hurt or killed. What goes up must come down. I'm sorry that this young man is dead but spreading that kind of misinformation gets others hurt. Please don't say things you don't know about.


hello i am a very very close friend of this kid so close to where he would call me his aunt and he was family to me and he didnt deserve to die and for the man who took was trying to be a good samaritan had no right to play like he was a police officer and shoot and kill josh if you have a permit for a gun when you take that test it will ask when in a situation as he was you are to first fire a warning shot and in the chest come on now you should known what the out come was gonna be ;and as far as him pulling s knife i honestly find that hard to believe if there was one it was probably planted there by the man who took josh life nobody knows but josh and that man who shot and killed him he fled from the police because of all the bad run ins from his past so does that make him a bad person who should be killed no..... he grew up with my boys and was not a bad person if you would have known josh he was a very kind person and would give you his shirt off his back if asked ,and yes he was a father of 3 small boys now they have to grow up with out there dad all because this man wanted to play god and took the life of someone he didnt even know how does that even work not even getting arrested and not only shot but killed my nephew how do we move on from such a thing what was the real truth behind all of this we will never know only 2 people do and one is gone and the other is acting like he has the right to pick who lives and dies yes we are torn up from our loss very hurt that this really did happen to our family no we are not perfict but we are only human and anybody who says they are well they are wrong.and if speaking our mind is wrong then just about everybody must be lying right how do we hold back our true feelings and true thoughts then how do we express how we are affected by this crime we should be allowed to say what we as josh only voice now is feeling because my feelings i can not speak on and if i could boy would i ,RIP JOSH WE LOVE YOU::::::::


well i am a very close friend of that child he grew up with my boys and he was not a bad kid now its not ok that MAN wanna be handle stuff he knows nothing about having a gun permit because if he did then the MAN would have known not to shoot in his chest your first to fire a warning shot first ok and his kids are crushed he has small children how is mom to explain that there dad was killed by a man who had no right to play god and shoot and kill joshis he gonna step up and support them children of his ???no so why kill him because he fled only because he has had bad experience with metro in his past so yeah i would have ran to just because he did so that man had the right to shoot and kill him why not aim for his arm or leg why his chest ???? no reason but to be called a hero not your a murder and should be behind bars and his mother should file a law suit .i will make sure to it she does RIP JOSH WE LOVE YOU .....

Medium Mack

Good job citizen,(2) rounds ez pee z ! Just less trash to lock up & feed !


Are you for real. That is someones kid.brother.son.father. what is wrong with you.


"Go ahead make my day" Do you feel lucky punk? Good guys 1 Bad guys 0


Who you all trying fool ..really metro air notice a suspect that was acking suspicious anyways what was suspicious .NOTHING and this idiot gun ho piece of xxxx decides he going to play cop and shoot someone that was innocent because he jumped a bar wire fence I think the gun ho happy wanna be police officer should get charged for murder because of him taking law in his own hands when police already had it handled ..and the kid s parents should sue him for wrong ful death maybe the kid was trying to protect himself from some weirdo chasing him with a gun. Shame on you metro police for backing this asxxoxxx story their probably was no knife and shame on you for even making any kind of comment your an idiot what make this kid a bad guy cause he jumped a bar wire fence Now this kids life is gone cause of idiots like metro gun ho lames. Hope you get it one day .




Karma is a b**** and all of you should be shot for talking s*** bout someone you dont know


When is everyone going to get their head out of their you know what ,sick and tired of this type of xxxx happening doesnt any one see right through this bullt xxxx my god I feel sorry for the family of this kid. Cause there is no way they would win this case cause of the corrupt world we live in this boy was running for his life and from some wacko and went to defend himself if that's even what he did guaranteed the man shot him from the back and these axx holes leaving ignorant comments like sounds BS . But never mind that please if the is anyone out there that seen anything different please notify the DA office I dont know what good it would do but it's worth going down there and not just letting this go or perhaps maybe if enough people say something because this is no self defense case.if anything this kid was wrongfully murdered and when did he even commit a crime it says no where in this story that he did anything wrong .the air unit needs to be drug tested for meth and quit being paranoid (really like they can see that he was acting suspicious) wow ... really ?How is that. Amazing. Super tweakers on the force you all are out of control and need to be stopped.LIARS.and You mr .good Samaritan your a liar and full of HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE IN COURT.


Very well put

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