LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- An organized theft ring targeted home improvement stores for two months before the suspects were caught, according to an arrest report from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

Alejandro Delacruz, Edward Silvestre, Enrico Ronquillo, Kristine Quijano, Ranjit Quijano and Samuelito Quijano were all arrested in connection with the ring. They collectively face charges of burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and organized retail theft.

Samelito Quijano has been an officer with LVMPD since 2017, according to the department. He wasn't named in an arrest report regarding the thefts, but court and police records show he was arrested in connection with the theft ring.

On May 2, LVMPD received a report from a Las Vegas area Home Depot store about an organized theft ring targeting their stores, according to an arrest report. The Arroyo Crossing store said they arrested one of the men involved, identified as Edward Silvestre.

Silvestre confessed "to all the known burglaries and more," the arrest report said. Silvestre was reportedly paid about $10-$15 per theft to help push the carts around the store. Silvestre said he "knew stealing was wrong but he claimed he needed money from the thefts to eat," the report said.

According to the arrest report, the suspects would enter the store and put various items in the cart. Silvestre said they would either purchase the items with stolen credit cards and later return the items for cash; pay for an item before stealing the same item to be returned for cash; or "numerous other scams."

LVMPD theft ring arrests

From top left: Samuelito Quijano, Kristine Quijano, Ranjit Quijano, Enrico Ronquillo, Alejandra Delacruz.

Police interviewed the four suspects outside of Samuelito. Ranjit, Kristine and Enrico Ronquillo all confessed to the crimes, the arrest report said. Alejandro Delacruz denied all involvement and requested a lawyer.

Edward Silvestre (LVMPD)

Edward Silvestre (LVMPD)

Of the 30 listed thefts, 28 happened at Las Vegas area Home Depot stores, according to the arrest report. One was at a Lowe's store, and one was at a Seafood City store. The thefts began in March before the suspects were arrested in late May.

Samuelito Quijano was been placed on suspension of police powers without pay pending the outcome of the investigation, LVMPD said. His arrest report has yet to be provided from police as of Monday morning.

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