LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they're seeing a 30% increase in carjackings and car burglaries in the valley since last year, 50% of the offenders have been juveniles.

LVMPD Summerlin Area Command Captain Captain Fred Haas, said the offenders are as young as 14 and 15 years-old, and they have more time on their hands while not attending in-person classes 

"One thing we have to do as a community is get around these kids- they’re not in school, they got a lot of free time," Captain Haas said.

Haas said each Area Command has intervention officers to reach at-risk youth. He said we need to make sure they are getting the services they need. 

“These kids that are doing these crimes, there has to be a way we can get them into a support networks that are positive, positive role models so they’re not going down this road of violence and gangs,” Haas said.

After-School All-Stars Las Vegas is a free after school program currently at 19 Title 1 Clark County School District campuses. The program is offered to Kindergarten through eighth graders. 

Jodi Manzella, the program's executive director, said in a normal year they help 6,000 at-risk students, but since the pandemic they now work with one third of that amount.

Manzella said their program works in partnership with the school district, so when school shutdown, their program went virtual.

“When we don’t have direct interaction with them in person, we have no control of them signing in and in the afternoon once their regular school day has ended,” Manzella said.

After-School All-Stars is offered at the school, so a student can walk from their classroom to another location on campus. The program provides a safe, engaged and supervised environment.

"The hours between 3 and 6pm we tag as the 'danger hours' for students. It’s after they’ve gotten out of their normal school day but before their parent or guardian has returned home. So they need to have constant supervision to be able to keep them out of the unsavory activities that are out there and enticing for youth,” Manzella said.

Manzella encourages parents to visit their website

The program will return in-person when pre-K through third grade students return. They will continue to provide the program for all students virtually. 

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So, if there is no afterschool basketball they go out a carjack grandpa?

Grandpa needs to purchase a glock!


Blacks doing what they do best.

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