LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is asking the community to take precautionary steps to prevent burglaries.

It comes after a letter from the Sun City Summerlin Community Association sent a letter notifying residents of burglaries in the area. A letter from the the community's Board of Directors says there were more than 55 break-ins in the community from April through August. 

LVMPD provided the following tips to prevent burglaries: 

  • Report suspicious persons, vehicles, and behavior to LVMPD, especially vehicles parked on streets watching homes 
    • Use 911 for emergencies or 311 for non-emergencies
    • Notify your Volunteer Security Team after LVMPD
  • Build relationships with neighbors and watch out for each other when not home
  • Share information within your community on social media sites (Nextdoor, Ring, or group text messages)
  • Invest in home security measures BEFORE you are victimized:
    • Home alarm systems with motion and glass break sensors are most effective
    • Exterior surveillance cameras properly positioned are not only a deterrent, but also provide images for investigators. Make sure they are recording 
    • Security Film glass protection makes it harder to break and enter through windows
  • If you have a dog, make sure your doggie-door is secured and not easily accessed. Even the smallest doggie-door can allow entry into your home
  • Lock all doors and windows to both your home and vehicles
  • Never leave garage door openers in vehicles parked outdoors or leave your garage door open
  • Always arm security systems when you leave the home

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Heres a tip: Stop emptying prisons of murderers and gangs- Stop invading America with MS-13 gangs and p ed ophiles on the southern border-Stop invading Nevada with ter rorists from enemy countries.



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