LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas Metropolitan Police spoke with FOX5 Thursday to discuss recent violence on the Strip and street racing in neighborhoods.

LVMPD Sgt. Miguel Garcia appeared on FOX5's Behind the Badge segment. Garcia discussed recent fights and shootings taking place on the Las Vegas Strip as more tourists visit to escape quarantine.

"We know that it's a situation where people are coming from out of state," Garcia said. 

Garcia pointed to many California as an example of those coming from out of state. Garcia said California is still experiencing COVID-19-related shut downs on top of massive fires in the state, and many are looking to get away.

"Unfortunately, they're bringing some violence with them," Garcia said. "That's the part that we don't want here. We don't want the violence. We want them to come out here and have a good time, but they can keep the violence, they can keep the drama back home.

"We're not just allowing people that come from out of town to give a bad name to our city."

Garcia said overall, the Las Vegas Valley has seen a downward trend in crime. Garcia said LVMPD is seeing about a 16% drop in crime rates.

Outside of the Las Vegas Strip, some parts of the valley have seen street or trick racing in their neighborhoods. Garcia warned that these gatherings could be deadly.

"If you see one of those videos [of racing], you see people standing in the middle of the street videotaping the vehicles as they're doing these tricks at high speeds," Garcia said. "It's extremely dangerous. We tell people, 'Don't cross the street without looking both ways or you might get hit by a vehicle.' And here are a couple of young individuals standing there, just tempting fate, not knowing what's going to happen."

Garcia said he understands frustration of some citizens who said Metro didn't respond to the scene of these races soon enough. He said the department is working to make those situations better in the future.

"Quite frankly, some of these citizens are upset about what's going on in their neighborhoods," Garcia said. "I'll be honest with you, if that was my neighborhood, I would be extremely upset myself."

Behind the Badge airs every Thursday during FOX5's 7 a.m. news show.

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Here's how you catch the street park in ANY neighborhood in Clark County between 8pm and 3am. Open your squad car windows and listen for the SOUND of some idiot racing around. Follow the sound..usually find some mustang or dodge there. Pull them over, cite them for noise (reckless driving), rinse and repeat. This is actually what these juvenile delinquents are asking for. Their parents never did any so now it is the job of Police to correct these 4 yrs olds.


BLM scum come to "protest" and oh look....violence. Sisolak is a con artist...fanning flames of RACISM. Hes a weak, arrogant, do nothing thieving BUFFOON!!!! Sisolak murdered Nevada. People are suffering, children are being victimized and that fathead loser is worried about "systemic racism" which is a g.d. LIE

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