Tierami Beverly

Tierami Beverly

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas woman's three children were found alone in an apartment with the door duct taped shut from the inside, according to an arrest report.

On Jan. 26 about 1:56 p.m., a maintenance worker at a complex located at 8405 W. Charleston Blvd. near Durango Drive received a complaint about water leaking from an upstairs unit. Las Vegas police were called to the scene to investigate and discovered three unattended juveniles sitting on a water-soaked floor near an overflowing bathtub.

When the apartment called the tenant, Tierami Beverly, 29, to inform her about the situation, she told police she had stepped out around 1 p.m. to "buy candy" for the kids, the report detailed.

Initially, Beverly told police her mother was supposed to be watching them, but refused to babysit after a fight the previous evening. In order to keep the kids from exiting the home while she shopped, Beverly said she used duct tape to seal the door.

Investigators said the unit was littered with trash. The kids were found with full diapers and no clothing. Beverly said her children hadn't eaten since Jan. 25 and her life as a single mom with three jobs made her life "tough."

One of the kids had a visible bruise on his chest, according to the report. Another child, the 1-year-old, took several attempts to wake after they were found sleeping on the wet floor.

Beverly faces three counts of child abuse and neglect. Her preliminary court appearance was set for May 10, 2021.

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(14) comments


Its called Welfare breeding. Children are just a means to get free money from the corrupt government. Then the mothers boyfriend beats them to death. Its disgusting, and has to STOP.


Kolored women duck tape the crib keeping those future animals inside,throwing them off the upstairs apartment,dumped them off at a casino! Horrible no morals losers could be obummers daughter ! Putting monster glue in the hair ,pure uneducated low life animal!


Your an ignorant price of sht! It's racist people like u who doesn't deserve to be in america. Your hate is ugly! I hope u catch corona and die!


Seriously? Dude, go away. You are what's wrong with society. Racist and all other types of ist.


Wow, you people are unbelievable. Maybe it's because I know all about this and the person, but to see what was said, and for me to know for a fact you guys are all wrong, about the 5600.00, about the spending to get the eyebrows done, all of it, just makes me understand that people believe whatever is said on the internet. Now, when it's all over and she gets off clean and sues, I'll make sure to inform you all how so misinformed you are, and how you all are gullible to believe what you read without a benefit of the doubt or research. This girl wakes up and looks like that. And doesn't truly believe that she is as beautiful as she is. She had twins. Who plans out twins? And the article is wrong. I know it for a fact. You guys don't so that can be forgiven, but your comments cannot. Hope none of you are religious, because if you are, you broke one of the first tenants of being a follower of Christ. Judge not.....least ye be judged. Then your breaking one of the basic human rights of our country, innocent until proven guilty. And she'll best this easy. Any of you thought about why this took place in January but the article was just published yesterday? You think she was arrested yesterday? No. That all already happened. You think her first court date is in May? No, she had one already. may would be the second one. You guys know nothing, so until you do, stop with your judgements, if you are able to. If you are not, then please, continue, and show your true colors. Let's just hope you never have a news story, uncorroborated and not fact checked come out on you.


She'll beat this? Not likely. And I hope she has her kids taken away - she obviously is not fit to be a parent.


And you know this from what? The article? I'm telling you what I know, you're telling me what you think. I told you facts, you're telling me opinion. I know what happened. I know the person, I know things you do not. She'll beat it. So thanks for your opinion, but fact outweighs your thoughts.


Sure she'll beat it, since there is one rule of law for certain groups and another rule of law for others. Depending on which group you're in, you either can't do anything wrong or whatever you do rather it's wrong or right you get thrown in jail.


Yeah sure, keep telling yourself that, cupcake.


So you defend obvious Child Neglect and Abuse?


Eyebrows done, hair done, make up on- so you have money for these things, but can't properly feed your children since January? Sis, make that make sense???


Sterilize her, she can't take care of the ones she already has, she certainly doesn't need anymore to abuse.


Useless baby mama welfare ho ! No baby daddy around either!


A little candy for the kids! Nice to get $5,600 from Joe Biden, aren't you glad you didn't abort them!

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