Andrew Cote arrested

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police said a man shot his neighbors in their backyard in the presence of his daughter, according to an arrest report.

Andrew Cote, 36, was arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police June 25 after the shooting in the 4400 block of Mossy Rock Court, near Smoke Ranch and Decatur.

According to an arrest report, Cote lived in the area with his wife and three children. Police said Mildred Olivo, 71, lived next door and was at her home with her friend Timothy Hanson, 53 on June 25.

Police said Cote had a longstanding dispute with Olivo. Olivo had reportedly been served with an order of protection from Cote in April 2020.

Cote called police around 10 p.m. June 25, telling police he had shot Olivo and Hanson with a shotgun. Police found both victims in the backyard with obvious trauma to the head and were pronounced dead on scene.

According to the arrest report, Olivo and Cote had a verbal exchange earlier in the day. Olivo reportedly sprayed Cote and his daughter with a hose. Cote said he called police, but nothing happened.

Later in the day, Cote said Hanson arrived at Olivo's house and Hanson began yelling at Cote from the backyard. Cote said his daughter went into the backyard during the argument while Cote was inside. According to the report, Cote said he grabbed a shotgun and went into his backyard toward the block wall dividing the properties.

Cote said he shot Hanson and Olivo in the head, according to the police report. When Hanson was still moving, Cote said he shot him a second time, the report said. Cote then took his daughter inside and called 911.

When police asked if Cote considered taking his daughter inside and calling police instead of using the gun, Cote said "words to the effect of 'not tonight.'"

Cote was booked into Clark County Detention Center on two counts of open murder.

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Timothy D Hanson was United States Marine Veteran,father,grandfather,homeowner,business man a friend to all he met he was loved and his untimely death hands of murderer that meant to kill him by two bullets in his head should pay with his life justice for Millie and Timothy Hanson


Andrew M Cote murdered his neighbor a 71 years old lady and Timothy D Hanson over words in front of his daughter, the fact that he murdered them in cold blood premeditated with malice, he should never see the outside world. He was the one with weapon and his intent was to kill not one but both victims with no regard for life. He put his daughter in harms way what type of monster does that he should never be allowed to see his children again. Where is CPS to protect his children from him. Words made him kill two people and he was proud of it.

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