LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Jose Montes said he wanted to take his boys somewhere fun for the Memorial Day weekend.

“I wanted to hang out with my sons. They had a long semester of school and we had this pandemic; that as soon as they graduate we’re going to head out and make these plans,” said Montes.

The family, along with friends, headed to the Duck Creek area of Utah to camp. Before he left Montes, told his brother they wouldn’t have cell service and to let others know that.

While out riding some all terrain vehicles, they got limited cell service and one of his son’s told his dad he had some messages.

“The next thing you know I’m bombarded saying turn myself into the police department. You’re wanted for murder,” said Montes.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said the mother of one of the boys said she identified him as the boy found dead last Friday west of the valley. Police said she even identified the boy through autopsy photos.

Montes said he talked to the boy's mother on the phone and told her both of his sons were with him and put the one in question on the phone. Montes said he thought that would have cleared things up. But he said as the group stopped for a break on their ride in a small town, police pounced on them with guns drawn and took his two boys away, including the one who the mother identified as being dead.

“They had both of my kids at the time and they still didn’t understand the situation. And I was explaining to them but they didn’t want to hear me,” said Montes.

Montes said they were held for about an hour and a half before police let them go.

Montes said he is talking to clear his name that he did not kill anyone. He said he's a former little league and coach, with the Yankees Little League, and also coached soccer. He said he previously ran an auto body shop but went out of business due to COVID-19. He spoke to FOX5 in the presence of his lawyer.

Montes said at this time, he has not filed a lawsuit. He said he wants to draw attention to help identify the boy who died.

Montes said they plan to set up a GoFundMe account to help hire a private investigator or help with coverage on social media to get the word out about the unidentified child.

Jose Montes and Eden Montes

Jose Montes, left, and Eden Montes, right. (FOX5)

Montes said he’s upset police never apologized for what they did to him.

Metro responded to Montes speaking out with a statement:

The LVMPD received extremely credible information from a reliable source that a juvenile may be in harm’s way. As a police agency, we have a duty and responsibility to do everything we can to address that concern. Due to the swift actions of our investigators, we were able to verify the safety of two young children and bring closure to their families. We are still working diligently to identify the deceased male child found near Mountain Springs along SR 160 on May 28th.

The department has provided the following contact information to call in tips about the unidentified boy:

  • LVMPD Homicide Section: 702-828-3521
  • By email at
  • 24-hour tip line: 702-828-3521 or 702-828-2907.
  • To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 702-385-5555, or at


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It's the baby-mama's fault - not the officers. He is just looking for a payday. Get lost.


This father is looking for a payout. It´s the fault of the mother. She was accusing him of taking the children and assuming that the poor child who had been found killed was hers. He needs to disappear. The Officers did an outstanding Job! GO BLUE!!!

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