circus circus shooting 11/7

UPDATE: In a release sent Monday, Las Vegas police said a juvenile suspect was taken into custody and booked on counts of open murder, battery with a deadly weapon, endangering a person by discharging a firearm and a minor in possession of a firearm following a shooting at Circus Circus on Nov. 7.

He was transported to Clark County Juvenile Detention Center.


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police were investigating a shooting at the Circus Circus Adventuredome on Saturday night.

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, officers were called to the property in the 2800 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard about 7:29 p.m. on November 7 about a person who had been shot.

There, officers said they found three people with gunshot wounds. They were taken to University Medical Center and were stable. 

Police said the shooting started as a fight between two groups of teens or young adults. A small area of the Adventuredome was secured for the investigation. 

About 10:30 p.m., police said they had a person of interest in custody. 

An original statement from the department's public information office said two victims, however Lt. Noel Roberts, the on-duty watch commander, clarified the number is three. 

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In her half stories, Kristen will tell us if the persons in crimes are 'white'.. If there is no racist description of the person, then we know they are 'black'.


Guess the only "kid-friendly" place in Vegas isn't so friendly anymore. Shootings on a casino property were unheard of a year ago. Now when you hear about a shooting, it could be anywhere from J-street to the M Casino. This is what "Democracy" will look like going forward. In short order every major U.S. city will resemble Chicago and the only difference you'll notice between here and Venezuela is that people will use I-Phones to coordinate their attacks. Good luck to all with it. I'm not sticking around for it.


I hope the LVPD finds every one of these kids who were fighting and charges them with everything they can, make sure they stay in prison for a REAL LONG TIME, they'll obviously never amount to anything but being "thugs".

As for the shooter, lock him up and throw away the key, and if he's a minor go ahead and put the parents in jail too for doing a terrible job raising their kid, they raised a freaking animal.

There were kids in that place, you shot a gun?! You don't mess with our kids in this city, when they throw him in prison I hope the guard announces to everyone in there that he fired at kids, I'm sure they'll treat him REAL nice.


Las Vegas is turning into an adventure dome.


The Las Vegas strip has become a complete war zone and now 28 people since the March have died on the strip. Vegas is deteriorating fast and the casinos and airlines are to blame for this travesty! The low air fares and cheap hotel rooms bring in people who have little to no money or just the stimulus checks. You can expect the strip to get even worse. Thugs have taken over a once luxurious place and now its thug city and hotel rooms are being destroyed! Pot smoke stinking up the hotels and rooms and no wonder it was illegal in the first place to prevent this from happening but now it is about to become the cities worst decision to legalize ever! Now drug dealers and prostitutes have taken residence. Sad!


Sisolak created Detroit in 1 year...thats why Obama endorsed destroy Nevada and create a welfare state of DemocRat voters for life. Sisolak DOESNT TALK ABOUT IT. He created it when he invited Burn Loot Murder crew to town to riot for racism. Hes a criminal just like Obozos sons.


Komifornia Mexican gangs !


While it is true California thugs continue to come here, be it to live or just to cause problems on the weekend, Vegas also has its fair share of homegrown gangs.

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