(Top) Eric Whaley, Dulguun Uranbaatar, Jose Aguilar. (Bottom) Khing Lin Tun, Jeremiah Pale and Ryan Goida.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Six men, including a Henderson firefighter, were arrested in an underage sex sting operation by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

Eric Whaley, Khaing Lin Tun, Dulguun Uranbaatar, Jose Aguilar, Ryan Goida and Jeremiah Pale were all arrested during undercover operations by LVMPD in late January and early February. The suspects face various charges including soliciting a child for prostitution and luring a child via a computer for a sex act.

Aguilar, Goida and Pale were all arrested Jan. 30 during the first sting operation. Whaley, Tun and Uranbaatar were arrested during a sting operation on Feb. 8.

According to multiple arrest reports, an LVMPD officer would pose as a 15-year-old juvenile and post prostitution advertisements online. The suspects would reach out to the phone number listed on the advertisement and begin communicating with the undercover officer.

The undercover officer would tell the suspects that they were underage and the suspects continued to discuss a sex transaction. All suspects agreed to meet the decoy and pay $100-$300 for sex, the arrest reports said.

The decoy would arrange a meeting place for each suspect, according to the arrest reports. Once the suspect's arrived, police would arrest and interview them about the interactions.

Aguilar told the decoy on Jan. 30 that he was outside a hotel room wearing a grey sweatshirt. Police arrested and interviewed Aguilar. According to the arrest report, Aguilar said he did arrange to meet with the girl but thought she was lying about her age in the ad.

The decoy reportedly asked Goida to bring her a McNugget Happy Meal from McDonald's when he came to meet her to have sex. Police identified Goida as he approached the hotel room with the food. In an interview with police, Goida said he didn't know the age of the girl involved, despite the decoy reportedly telling Goida her age over text.

Upon his arrest, Pale admitted that he knew he had arranged a sex meet-up with an underage girl, the report said. He was arrested with $100 cash in his pocket, the same payment the decoy had asked for sex, the report said.

Uranbaatar reportedly sent a photo of himself to the decoy, helping police identify him as a suspect before his arrest. Uranbaatar denied ever messaging a girl about sex and told police he didn't know why he was being taken into custody.

Tun told police he was confused by the decoy's texts, the report said. Tun said when the decoy referenced her age, he thought she meant the date was 15 to 16 miles away from him. The report said Tan was arrested with cash and condoms in his possession.

Whaley invoked his right to an attorney at the time of his arrest, the report said. Whaley was found with $70 in his possession at the time of the arrest.

According to Transparent Nevada, Whaley was employed as a Henderson firefighter from 2017-2019. A representative with HFD said Whaley is currently on paid administrative leave.

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Why does the fireman get special billing and not the illegals? All men are horny.


the "illegals" ???

anyone not with an American name = illegal ???????


The fireman gets special billing because he holds a position of high esteem and trust in the community. When the people we trust to save lives during our greatest times of need turn out to be betraying the public trust, the betrayal is far more appalling.


castrate these lowlifes !

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