LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said they have located the body of 2-year-old Amari Nicholson.

LVMPD said the body was located Wednesday near the 400 block of E. Twain. near Paradise Road. Police found the body near the back wall near both Emerald Suites and Siegel Suites.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said they have located the body of 2-year-old Amari Nicholson on Wednesday. A vigil is planned nearby at 6 p.m.

The cause and manner of death will be released by the Clark County Coroner's Office. The boyfriend of Amari's mother, Terrell Rhodes, appeared in court on Wednesday morning where he faces a murder charge in the boy's death. 

The news from police, albeit disturbing, came as a relief to community volunteers who showed up earlier in the day to search for his body.

One Las Vegas woman, Juana Salazar, joined her daughters and granddaughters in the search.

"It’s really affecting all of us,” said Salazar. “My daughter's affected by it, she has a newborn. My other daughter, she's affected, my granddaughter's affected, and that's why we all came together to come help look for him.”

Amari’s mother, Tayler Nicholson, was surrounded by officials at the crime scene. Officials questioned her and spoke with her for roughly 30 minutes in the adjacent parking lot. She appeared somber but relatively composed.

Salazar was among several onlookers who voiced their suspicion and frustration with the child’s mother.

“I’d be hysterically crying and go crazy,” said Salazar.

Another onlooker said she was glad they at least found his body.

Amari Nicholson

Amari Nicholson

“He deserves to be put to rest like a normal human being and not thrown away like trash,” said Rebecca Cox, who originally came to search for the boy.

Salazar said the case weighs especially heavy on her heart, because of her love for her many children and grandchildren.

"It’s heartbreaking, so heartbreaking right now, because I look at it as my kids, my child, you know? I’m so happy he's gonna get laid to rest now. They found him and he gets to get laid to rest. No more suffering, no more torture, no anything,” said Salazar.

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(6) comments


So sad. Kid never stood a chance.


I believe the "mother" should be arrested for culpability after the fact. She claimed in yesterday's Facebook posting that she did not know anything about what happened. But before her boyfriend's arrest, she told a friend that the boy had been murdered. She said he had been murdered because he wet himself and the boyfriend flew into a rage. The story is in the UK Dailymail.


Sad situation. I'm pretty sure we know why he murdered this 2 year old just by looking at his picture.


Fine 13/90 Las Vegas animal,never disappointed with these creatures!


Las Vegas should have given 1 billion dollars of "Covid Relief Funds" to protecting children that are being abused and murdered in their own homes. Its an epidemic the State Of Nevada does nothing for abused children. They need school so teachers can monitor abuse in homes.

Lee Lee

and Jesus wept... Rest in Peace little angel. :(

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