Talisha Ferguson. (LVMPD)

Talisha Ferguson. (LVMPD)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- An alleged prostitute stole $90,000 in cash from a tourist, according to an arrest report from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

Talisha Ferguson, 22, was arrested Aug. 10 on prostitution and larceny charges after the alleged incident on July 4.

On that day, police said a man saw an advertisement on an escort site for Ferguson. The two allegedly agreed to meet for sex, according to an arrest report.

The man told Ferguson that he was stopping in Las Vegas before buying a home in Arizona and had $90,000 in cash to purchase the house. Ferguson said she wanted to see the money because she had never seen that much before, the arrest report said.

The man showed Ferguson the money, which was placed in a brown paper bag inside a shoe box in his hotel room.

Ferguson reportedly went to the bathroom and the victim fell asleep, the report said. When the victim woke up, Ferguson and the money were gone, the arrest report said.

Surveillance video at the hotel showed the two arriving at the hotel with Ferguson leaving shortly after.

Undercover detectives reportedly set up a time to meet with Ferguson before arresting her. Ferguson denied taking the money from the victim and told police she decided to leave when the man fell asleep.

Ferguson's next court appearance was set for Aug. 13.

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(8) comments


Sweat hogs breakfast time at the jail,invision the free food being inhaled?


Your 90k is gone forever. Hopefully you learned a lesson about breaking the law.


The second I saw her in person I would walk the other way. Who wants that?


This guy deserved to lose his money. Idiot.


Whoolon honeychild family must be real proud ?


Not a really bright bulb here ! And hitting baby momma as a no good HO ! Real loser !


Anyone that takes a prostitute or a stranger to his room and then proceeds to flash money around has the brains of a titmouse.


When is it theft and when is it begging someone to take your money? Clever dig at the alleged victim too, reporting that the suspect left the hotel a "short time" after they had arrived.

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