Neighbors said the scene of a Henderson complex was chaotic Tuesday morning as four people were killed in a shooting.

UPDATE: Henderson police have released 9-1-1 dispatch audio and footage from an officer-involved shooting that took place on Nov. 3 and left a suspect and four victims dead, including a 12-year-old boy. 

Body-worn camera footage released on Wednesday shows unknown people shouting "There's a kid in the car!" and "Cease fire!" immediately after police shot into a vehicle where the suspect was holding the boy at gunpoint in the Douglas at Stonelake Apartments in Henderson.

Citing the ongoing investigation, Henderson police declined FOX5's request to identify the person heard shouting "cease fire." The department also declined to confirm whether any gunshot wounds sustained by the 12-year-old boy came from police firearms. 

Henderson police say the suspect, Jason Neo Bourne, had no known motive, but he had been seen interacting with victims before the incident. 

"It was later discovered that Bourne had a brief interaction with the victims just moments before he forced his way into the apartment," said Chief of Police David Burns in a video media briefing. 

On Nov. 3, Henderson police received 9-1-1 call from a woman saying she heard shooting at her neighbor's apartment and went over to see what happened. The caller said she found three women inside the apartment, all with apparent gunshot wounds, according to 9-1-1 dispatch audio. 

Police say a neighbor told the woman that an “older Black male” wearing khaki pants had forced his way into the apartment before the shooting. The neighbor also said that the suspect had a young boy with him when he left the apartment, according to police. 

Police arrived and found the three women suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. Two of the women were pronounced dead on scene. The third had multiple gunshot wounds, police say.

As officers were in the area searching for the suspect and young boy, HPD received a call from Bourne, who identified himself as a suspect and demanded that a helicopter respond to his location. 9-1-1 dispatch audio played Bourne stating that he had just killed someone and that he was still in the complex and had a gun. He also stated that he had a 12-year-old boy with him and that he might kill the boy.

Bystanders advised police that a vehicle parked near the initial crime scene might belong to the suspect. Officers approached and confirmed that Bourne was sitting in the driver’s seat and the young boy sitting in the front passenger seat, according to Henderson police. 

Police and dispatch over the phone asked Bourne multiple times to roll down the car window to communicate with officers, to which Bourne refused, police say. 

After attempting to engage Bourne, police noticed a gun being pointed at the boy and seven officers fired shots, Burns said.  

Medical responders then began performing life-saving measures. Bourne was pronounced dead on scene and the boy died of "injuries inflicted by Bourne," according to Henderson police. 

Henderson police are continuing investigating the shooting. Further findings will be forwarded to the Henderson Chief of Police. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 

UPDATE: Three victims from the Henderson shooting on Tuesday have been identified. 

Joseph Iehab Hawatmeh, 12-year-old boy from Henderson died of gunshot wounds of the head and chest, according to the Clark County Coroner.

Dianne Reem Hawatmeh, a 38-year-old woman from Henderson died of a gunshot wound of the head. According to People Magazine, Hawetmeh's family lives in Sandy, Utah. She was a Zumba instructor who used the Henderson apartment as an office. 

Her husband and eldest son were not at the scene of the attack, according to People. 

Veronica Muniz, a 33-year-old woman from Las Vegas died of a gunshot wound of the head, according to the coroner. 

The suspect, Jason Neo Bourne, was from Henderson and died from gunshot wounds. The coroner has categorized his death a homicide. 

UPDATE: The Henderson Police Department has identified the officers involved in the Tuesday shooting that left four dead. 

Officer Jesse Lujan has been the the HPD since 1997. 

Officer James Pendleton has been with the HPD since 2013. 

Officer Brett Anderson has been with the HPD since 2013.

Officer Jesse Hehn has been with the HPD since 2014. 

Officer Phillip Duffy has been with the HPD since 2019. 

Involved officers are assigned to the Field Operations Bureau, and all have been placed on paid administrative leave.

This is the HPD's sixth officer-involved shooting for 2020.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

ORIGINAL STORY (NOV. 4): HENDERSON (FOX5) -- Henderson police said two women, a boy and a suspect are all dead after a shooting on Tuesday morning. 

According to police, officers received a call around 11 a.m. November 3 to reports of a shooting near 1445 Stonelake Cove Ave., near Stephanie Street and Wigwam Parkway.

Police said at the scene they found two women, age 39 and 33, dead, and a 16-year-old girl injured from gunfire. 

Officers then found the suspect, identified as 38-year-old Jason Neo Bourne, armed with a gun inside a vehicle holding a 12-year-old boy hostage.

Police said Wednesday they attempted to de-escalate the situation but Bourne held a gun to the boy's head. Officers then fired at Bourne, killing him. The boy was pulled from the car and life-saving efforts were unsuccessful. 

The 16-year-old girl was taken to a nearby hospital and was stable. 

Police said a preliminary investigation showed that the suspect fired multiple rounds inside the car. He is believed to have lived at the apartment above the two women who were killed, but the investigation was still ongoing. 

These deaths were the ninth, 10th and 11th homicides for the Henderson Police Department in 2020, as well as the sixth police shooting of the year for the agency. 

Anyone with information was asked to call police at (702) 267-4911 or contact CrimeStoppers to remain anonymous. 

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jesus christ it's jason bourne!




And liberals want to defund police, what a joke! I think we need 10x as many police. Go get them Metro, clean up our streets and remove the scum from our great country.


Dispatcher said a man called 911 saying he was going to kill everyone in the house a boy named Jordan said he was 12 and the man was going to shoot him. I prayed for him. Then they called shots fired and for a medic. God Bless the family.


I think at some point, I might have read a news story that made less sense than this one, but I can't be sure. Either way, if an officer acting as PIO says he can't answer a question because he doesn't know the answer, that is NOT the same as "police wouldn't elaborate..."

And the absurd "officer-involved shooting...that left four people dead" is just straight-up wrong.

I know it's breaking news and will be updated, but come on, Fox-5. You're better than this.


Smells like lowlife druggy thugs ! Good job Henderson pd ,don’t want this garbage in my town!



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