UPDATE: The Clark County coroner has released the identities of the child and both adults who died in a crash on the I-15 northbound on August 13. 

Eight-year-old Jh'sani Rushing-Fincher, Artajha Smith, 28, and Almetrine Rushing, 29, from Las Vegas were in a 2001 Volvo involved in a fiery crash near the US-95 northbound ramp.

The crash was caused when the Volvo made an "unsafe lane change" crossing over solid white lines of the I-15, to get in the lane for the US-95 ramp, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol. The Volvo struck a crash rail and a Ford truck and both vehicles went over a barricade, with the Ford landing on top of the Volvo.  

ORIGINAL STORY (AUG. 13): LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Two adults and one child are dead following a fiery multi-vehicle crash involving a sedan, Ford truck and an off-road vehicle late Thursday morning.

According to Nevada Highway Patrol, about 11:15 a.m., a Ford Truck hauling a trailer was towing an off-road vehicle on I-15 northbound en route to US-95 northbound off ramp. At the time of the crash, a sedan traveling northbound on I-15 made an unsafe lane change on the freeway. The sedan then struck an impact attenuator, or roadside crash cushion, before striking the Ford. Upon impact, both vehicles hit the right wall, then went over the barricade, NHP said.

Witnesses at the scene told police the sedan was driving recklessly at the time of the crash, crossing solid white lines before impact. About five hours following the incident, NHP said three victims were located inside the sedan. The ages of the occupants was unknown as of Thursday evening.

The passengers in the Ford truck walked away from the scene and were cleared by medical personnel. In exclusive video obtained by FOX5, a man and his 4-year-old daughter were seen escaping the wreckage before the vehicle combusts.


A worker from the World Market Center nearby heard multiple bangs from within the company's garage elevator. From the sixth floor, French walked to the edge and began recording the scene.

"It sounded like a garbage dumpster being dropped from the sky," Todd French told FOX5.

French saw the Ford truck dangling from the rail before its male occupant jumped out and removed his daughter from the vehicle. At the same time, French said a Good Samaritan pulled over on the highway, exited her vehicle and ran to aid the victims of the crash. 


A Las Vegas man and his 4-year-old daughter escaped a fatal crash Thursday, Aug. 13, 2020 near the Spaghetti Bowl interchange.

"She came running back, and down and over the rail to try to get the little girl out," French said. "They got her out before the truck was fully engulfed in flames."

French said the girl inside the truck appeared to be uninjured after the crash. The Ford truck, however, "went up (in flames) in a matter of minutes."

The Ford landed on top of the sedan, quickly killing the driver of the sedan at the scene. The off-road vehicle separated from the trailer and was then struck by a pick-up truck. 


A Ford truck caught fire after a deadly crash on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2020.

NHP said the cars hit a nearby power pole, creating live wires exposed, making it unsafe for crews to get to the vehicles until the power had been shut off.

This is an ongoing investigation. Avoid the area.

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(6) comments


No secret to anybody who drives that area it is defective and dangerous as all heck. The I15 to southbound 95 ramp is always backed up. The run-up to where this crash happened is slaughter-alley. It is hard to imagine they could have made things worse after spending all that money on Project Neon but it is. Wrong way drivers, missing exists dead all over. BTW why did it take the Fire Department so long to arrive? they have a station not 1/4 mile from this crash. They should have been there in a few minutes.


I guess this story is going to remain up until Sisolak comes out and gives us some more words of wisdom.


More COVID-CRAZED driving, yes. But, also there's the continuing problem, even after multiple spaghetti bowl redesigns, that has the northbound ramp to the 95 counterintuitively sending you to the right to get to the left. That adds to the nonsense that IS the spag-bowl death trap.


I travel the I15 2-3 times a month from Spring MT to N Pecos for VA appointments. I drive the speed limit and on my last trip on Tuesday I was passed 32 times on both sides by drivers going 80 to 100+ mph while driving that stretch of I15. Only one time in the last year have I seen any law enforcement. When I travel north or south on the I15 from South Point to Spring Mt, it's the same situation except I've never seen law enforcement. Some type of enforcement is badly needed.


I echo what Jack has said. Law Enforcement across the spectrum in Clark County is a massive rip-off. We pay and get basically nothing in return. I have no idea where all these cops hide but they are sure not out doing their jobs. The law breakers laugh at Metro and NHP. Adding to the fun are the many ticket fixer places for those really unlucky who are stopped and cited. I have to believe the game the cops play is do as little as absolutely necessary and collect your bennies at 45 with 80% retirement cash and benefits. No sense getting injured or sued doing the job the taxpayers pay for if nobody is watching.


Another child suffers and dies because of an idiot parent.

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