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Couples from all over the world spent Valentine’s Day celebrating love in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Couples from all over the world spent Valentine’s Day celebrating love in Las Vegas.

From weddings to vow renewals, it's one of the busiest days of the year for wedding chapels and officiants.

Amber and Tim Kirby celebrated their second wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. They've set a goal to renew their vows a different way each year.

“I wanted a picture every year to commemorate it in my home so after 20 years, 20 pictures to 30 to 40; something to remind us how much we love each other,” Amber Kirby said.

This year the Henderson couple chose the drive thru chapel at Vegas Weddings.

“It seemed like the most Vegas thing to do,” Amber Kirby said.

Vegas Weddings had more than 20 ceremonies scheduled on Valentine’s Day.

“I think Vegas, it has that kind of tradition of being the fun place to get married and some people see it that way. Some people see it as more of a destination experience. It really is different for everyone,” Marketing Coordinator, Whitney Cox said.

At the Flamingo West Community, four couples renewed their vows in a wedding ceremony Thursday night. They celebrated a combined total of 164 years of marriage.

One of those couples, David and Martha Sullivan, have been married 47 years and said they have the keys to a lasting relationship all figured out.

"The biggest thing is rolling with change because you're going to change throughout life and you'll need to deal with that. We've changed a lot, and communication is key to everything, and separate checking accounts,” David Sullivan said.

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