Debbie and Chris Davis

Debbie and Chris Davis (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nearly all 58 people killed in the Oct. 1, 2017 mass shooting left behind children. 

One couple’s daughter died in the shooting, and now they want to make sure the kids who lost parents have some help going to college. 

“She was kind of a firecracker,” said Debbie Davis. 

You can learn a lot about Neysa Tonks just by walking through her parents' home. 

“She was a lot of fun. I don’t think there was anything she couldn’t do. She could ice skate, roller skate, ski, snowboard ... she just was full of energy,” said Davis. 

On top of a demanding job, Davis said her daughter never missed one of her son’s soccer or basketball games. 

“I didn’t know how she ever had time to do it, but she fit those things in because she cared about people and she cared about her children,” she said. 

Davis and her husband Chris live in Neysa’s house. When she left for the concert on 1 October, she never made it back home.

Her parents moved in to take care of her kids. 

“Her three boys were her number one priority,” said Chris.

So was education -- Neysa didn’t go to college but she wanted that for her sons.  

“She just said, 'that’s just not acceptable boys, you’re going to college and whatever path you choose is fine, but you’ll have a degree to do it,'” said Davis. 

When Neysa died, her middle son Braxton was getting ready to apply. 

“There were so many things that were road blocks for us in getting Braxton into college,” said Chris. He said one day later on he wondered if they're thinking of that, what were the other 57 families doing?

They found out there were 55 children younger than 21 who had lost a parent the day of the shooting. 

They created, a tuition scholarship fund. As of this posting, there was enough money to cover $5,000 for each child. They hope to give more in the future. 

“No donation is too small,” said Debbie. 

“If we can just help them further their education and become something in life then maybe we’ve all done a little better for the world, especially for Las Vegas,” said Chris. 

The Davis’ were wrapping up a few more fundraisers throughout October to raise more money for the scholarship fund. Some of the eligible kids could get some help with tuition as early as the spring semester. 

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