Couple weds in Las Vegas' first 'furry' wedding

"Puppy Dawg" and "Bunny Wyld" wed in "furry" wedding at Caesars Palace.

Las Vegas' first 'furry' wedding held at Caesars Palace

"Puppy Dawg" and "Bunny Wyld" wed in "furry" wedding at Caesars Palace.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - "Furry" wedding? Yes, that's a thing! A Dallas couple traveled to Las Vegas to wed in a 'furr-tastic' way.

FOX5's Cyndi Lundeberg was there to witness the first "furry" wedding at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. 

It was a day Steve and Leslie had been waiting for.

“It’s been official for a while,” Steve Hull said. “We’re just crossing the Ts and dotting the Is.”

After four years of dating, the two were finally tying the knot.

“We just laugh together so much,” Leslie Hull said.

The couple drove from Dallas to Las Vegas to get married at Caesars Palace.

They had everything your typical wedding would: the white dress, the tux, the flowers, and of course, the rings.

But this wedding was anything but ordinary.

“All the strange weddings in Las Vegas, I think we’re going to be top 10,” Steve said.

That’s because Steve and Leslie are furries. If you’re asking what a furry is, I’ll let them explain.

“Basically a furry -- it’s a persona or a personality that is you, that you don’t share with anybody,” Steve said. Steve is a puppy dog, Leslie is a bunny.

Steve and Leslie say this was the first furry wedding in Las Vegas.

“We just thought, 'let’s have some fun and break some rules,'” Steve said.

The couple invited 185 furries who live in Las Vegas, but Steve said because they got married on a Thursday afternoon, not many could make it. But there still were plenty of wedding guests who dressed up.

“We have a diverse group of friends who are into different lifestyles and we told them to come as they are. For example, my best dog will guide me down the aisle.”

Steve’s daughters weren’t some of the guests who dressed up.

“They’re just wearing nice dresses,” Leslie said. “They’re vanilla.”

“They’re celebrating how they want,” Steve interjected.

As for Steve and Leslie, their outfits weren’t so vanilla. Each of their furry costumes costs thousands of dollars and took years to make because they are personalized from the fur, to the texture, to eye color. They call them their "fur-sonas."

FOX5 asked them how they determine what type of furry they are.

“The simple question is what animal do you love? What animal do you have an affinity for? What animal comes up to you when you’re on a park bench?”

Leslie gave her own description.

“Its whatever you feel spiritually that you are.”

A furry wedding did come with some security concerns for Caesars. The couple said since Caesars uses facial recognition, the hotel was very strict with them about where they can wear their heads. And those heads didn’t just make it hard for the hotel to see.

“When we wear them we have no peripheral vision,” Steve said holding his puppy dog head.

Besides the furry costumes, and some dressed-up attendees, it was a typical and beautiful ceremony.

“I want you to look into each other’s eyes and think about when you knew this person was the one,” the pastor said during the ceremony.

Leslie and Steve said they know what some people might think about their lifestyle, but they don’t care.

They said plenty of people hide who they really are and it’s unhealthy. They said at least they’re open and out there.

And most importantly, they found what many spend their lives looking for: Someone to love them and all of their quirks.

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