scorpion at Solis apartment

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas couple said there's a scorpion infestation at their apartment complex in the east valley.

"Instead of worrying about furniture, we've been worrying about scorpions," said Cody Disznos. 

Disznos lives with her girlfriend Marrina Raso. They don't have a kitchen table yet, and they've been busy buying black lights, pesticides, traps and nets. 

The couple moved into Solis Apartments near Pecos and Flamingo roads about two months ago. 

Since then, "We found three (scorpions) inside our apartment and we found at least over 30 outside," said Disznos. 

"This is the powder we sprinkle this outside and in corners," said Raso. 

The white powder is suppose to cut off a scorpion's food source. But it hasn't worked yet, they said. 

The couple pointed out a dead scorpion outside that was alive the night before running across their floor. 

"They blend in a lot with our flooring and the rocks outside." said Raso. 

The couple said they're constantly worried they're going to get stung. 

"Every morning I have to pick up my shoes and check. Twice I found a scorpion underneath my flip flops," said Disznos -- the same flip flop Disznos uses to kill the pests.

On top of the couple's personal box of scorpion repellent, professionals come out to spray the apartment complex once a week, but the creepy crawlers keep coming back. 

When the couple confronted the manager at the leasing office, they responded, "what would you like us to do about it? And we are just kind of baffled that was their response to us," said Raso. 

The leasing office staff did not have a comment. The corporate company who owns Solis Apartments did not respond. 

Raso and Disznos want to move out but the leasing office will not let them out of their lease without paying around $2,000. 

Now the couple wants the complex to be upfront about the pest problem. 

"They did admit to us they've know this is a problem since around 2000," said Raso. 

"This is our home, this is where we're trying to feel sage and have these invaders," said Disznos. 

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This doesn't sound like a scorpion infestation problem. 30 have been found outside? I've found over 300 outside in my apartment complex in the last 3 days!


Is proof reading a thing of the past?


Respectfully, please explain what you mean.

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