No, California won't get tossed into the ocean by an earthquake -- and other myths debunked

Many Southern California residents felt the earth shake violently under them twice in two days last week. Many felt safer outside and slept on streets and driveways -- especially in Ridgecrest.

RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA (FOX5) -- When a magnitude 6.4 earthquake rattled the town of Ridgecrest on Thursday, many in the community were left shaken up.

Then one day later, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck.

"When it started rumbling, we got maybe into the kitchen and then it stopped and then it really started rocking," Justin Waldron said.

Many in town and in the surrounding areas were left scared, not knowing if another quake was going to hit.

"We were pretty scared, we thought things were going to fall and we thought that something bad or worse was going to come up," Rosemarie Barrios said.

Surrounding towns like Trona also were impacted. Many residents were left without the basic necessities.

"It's miserable with no power in Trona at all. Its really hot. We have no running water," Brenda Singer said.

Amid all the disaster, both communities stood strong and came together.

"There's a sense of camaraderie here and I think that really came to light after this earthquake. People came together in a time of crisis," Eastridge Market owner Victor Abdullatif said.

Many in both cities were now moving on with their lives.

The American Red Cross was helping many with housing, mental support, food and clothing.

To help anyone impacted by the earthquakes, donations can be made through the American Red Cross. For more on earthquake safety, click here.

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