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The cycling community throughout the Las Vegas Valley and beyond are mourning the loss of five cyclists killed in a crash on Thursday morning.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The cycling community throughout the Las Vegas Valley and beyond are mourning the loss of five cyclists killed in a crash on Thursday morning.

Save Red Rock organized an all day vigil on Saturday outside of Las Vegas Cyclery that included a drive-thru bike ride, "ghost bike" memorial and several speakers.

Save Red Rock president Heather Fisher said she hopes people who are not involved in the cycling community will see this tribute and start thinking about being safer and more careful while driving.

She said she also hopes the families and friends of the victims know they will do everything they can to help them.

“There’s so much support, we just want the families to know how much they’re loved, the families and the friends, especially for the ones that were there. Who survived it, I just can’t imagine how hard that would be,” Fisher said.

Michael Anderson was one of the cyclists that survived Thursday’s crash. He went on Facebook live through the Save Red Rock page to talk about what happened, how he was feeling and called for change.

“I’ve been a cop for 22 years, and I was there for 1 October when those poor people went through what they went through, and I was able to operate better than I was able to Thursday with my five friends,” Anderson said.

He said he was there for Erin Ray’s last moments.

“I want you to know I was with Erin at the end, she was so strong. She fought so hard … on that side of that road to stay alive and I could not save her,” Anderson said.

He said all three of the other cyclists injured in the crash are back home recovering.

In the middle of the vigil stood a ghost bike memorial. Bicycles painted all white that symbolize a life lost in a collision between a cyclist and a car.

Phil Tobes, a member of the Nevada Bicycling Club, attended the vigil to pay his respects. He said he didn’t know the riders personally but said he considered all of them his comrades. He also called for drivers to be more aware on the road.

“Do the right part. You’re not the only people driving on the road, you know we’re there too,” Tobes said.

To donate to the victims' families, click here.

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Someone stoned on meth just mowed them down they were out being safe having a nice day !

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