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Clark County School District

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Public comments made about critical race theory created a fiery conversation at the CCSD Board of Trustees meeting Thursday night.

"I don’t know a Black student who doesn’t know about Tuskegee ... I don’t know a Hispanic student who doesn’t know about migrant rights. You can laugh all you want. This is history," one woman said. "They know it, they know we know it, and they sit in our classroom and they wait to see if we’re going to teach it and when they don’t, you know what they do? They tune out."

"Black kids sitting in my room know what's up. The only people who don't are the white kids," she said. 

Community members began arguing with the woman and each other. Eventually the meeting was paused for about 10 minutes.

Parts of Thursday’s agenda included an update on the development of an anti-racism policy.

Twenty-five individuals will serve on the formal external taskforce.

Part of the criteria for external task force participation includes:

  • Equitable, inclusive and diverse representation
  • Experience and expertise
  • Community involvement and impact

The public can follow the progress of the work of the proposed policy online at:

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(5) comments


Don’t want to hear anything from a liberal communist school teachers other than reading writing and math!


This is called DIVIDE and CONQUER. And they seem to be doing a great job.


It is really getting to be enough with everyone and everybody, having to coddle and pander one part of the public. Last year all we heard about for months was this new martyr of theirs, George Floyd, who had a record as long as most peoples arms. Then it was change the name of this, remove that, cancel this, you can't say that, IT IS ENOUGH. If you don't like the way things are in this country, or how things work, by all means leave. No one will cry or be upset that you are gone. These folks are making a mockery of American history and of America. Try this nonsense in any other European country or even Canada, and see how far you get.....


DemocRats founded the KKK- theyre RACISTS. They are child abusers..telling kids they are the wring gender to destroy their minds and bodies now they want to destroy their self worth by telling ALL White kids that they are the enemy of society and should feel guilty and pander to the Blavk kids and illegal immigrants. DemocRats are PSYCHOTIC. Hundreds of Teachers in Clark County have been charged with se xually abusing kids...but "racism" is what these creeps are pushing. They should all be REMOVED and REPLACED.


Where do you get your theories From?

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