MGM Las Vegas

MGM Las Vegas hotel and casino.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of MGM Resorts International guests whose personal data was compromised during a breach.

Attorneys for John Smallman and others filed a lawsuit against MGM Resorts on Friday. 

A statement was released on behalf of the guests by the attorneys.

“With every data breach that is reported, one would think companies would learn to take the steps necessary to secure and protect the personal information of their customers. MGM Resorts, a global hospitality and entertainment company with destinations around the world, we allege in our complaint, failed to safeguard over 10.6 million customers’ personal information, troublingly, appears to have worked to conceal the full measure of the security breach from the public. We will continue to hold companies accountable for the harm they cause in people’s lives until they start treating consumers’ data with the care it deserves.”

MGM resorts confirmed the breach on Wednesday.

New York Times reported 10.6 million people were affected, however MGM did not release an exact number. Sourcing Under the Breach, a cybersecurity firm, some high-profile guests had their contact information exposed.

MGM told the newspaper that personal identification cards of about 1,300 persons was exposed.

MGM doesn't believe that any finance, passwords or credit card information was compromised.

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Murren resigns.....oh what a coincidence. Another lawsuit and Caronavirus...what timing for this trash heap of a traitor to leave with millions of dollars. Sc umbags...all of them.

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