CCSD building on East Flamingo

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Clark County Education Association rejects the reopening plan proposed by the Clark County School District. 

Nevada's largest teacher's union, which represents more than 18,000 teachers, announced its disapproval of the plan in a press release on Tuesday afternoon, citing that the resources needed to implement CCSD's reopening plan are not provided. 

"Unless the Governor addresses the key issues with resources in reopening the Clark County School District in this upcoming Special Session, CCEA cannot sign off on CCSD’s current plan as it stands and will support every educator and parent who chooses not to participate in the reopening of CCSD," the release said.

The association highlighted its demands for a reopening plan, including testing every single teacher before they return to school, fully funding the reopening plan (rather than moving forward with budget contingencies) and giving every parent and teacher a choice to do distance learning five days per week or in-person instruction five days per week. 

The association projected that the total cost of its proposed COVID-19 testing and cleaning program would cost approximately $14 million, and suggested that federal funding from the CARES Act be used to pay for the program. 

However, Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara said part of the CARES Act money will go toward buying millions of dollars worth of Chromebooks for students. 

CCEA Executive Director John Vellardita is calling on Governor Sisolak as he heads into a special legislative session on Wednesday. 

"You can’t balance the budget with these kinds of cuts you need more revenue," said Vellardita. 

He said there are several revenue streams that could be tweaked to get more funding to schools or tax break deductions that different industries have received.

"For example, mining. Mining is the one industry in this state right now that is soaring because of its profitability," he said. 

Vellardita said he's optimistic but not confident lawmakers can take a bipartisan approach to pass any kind of revenue for education. 

"Its really a question of political will." 

Vellardita also said teachers and parents should be able to decide if they want to go to the classroom five days a week or learn from home five days a week. 

"I think what our teachers are experiencing is what the nation is experiencing right now. We're seeing a spike in escalation in the spread of Covid-19 and there's a degree of anxiety and fear of what that means." 

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Considering how many child molesters work for CCSD and how horrible the schools are kids should go to Charter Schools and Private Schools. Public Schools are dangerous liberal indoctrination centers teaching kids to hate America and about racism, gender and transexuals, theyre obsessed with immorality and teaching kids to feel guilty for who they are .


Administration and buss transportation killing the education! Along with commie core learning! No desires from students! Not looking good,siscoscum ,teachers can do counseling & help the willing students! Most losers in this city just baby thugs ,just cause problems,a lot of blame rappers & drugs ! Military should enforce them !


Teachers are just about obsolete. Internet based learning is about to render them useless.


Take an online class, you will suddenly realize how vital teachers are if you actually want to learn something.


Of course they do. They got a chance to sit at home and get paid for doing nothing. They don't want that to stop.


Actually teachers worked far more hours from home building lessons, calling students on wellness checks, and still teaching all their class and grading all the work the students turned in. Most teacher I know want to go back into the classroom, they just want to make sure it is safe to do so.

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