LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County School Trustee Linda Cavazos said she couldn't leave her house when a group of parents were in the private streets of her neighborhood Sunday evening for an apparent protest.

Clark County Commissioners Tick Segerblom and Jim Gibson also told FOX5 on Sunday that they had protesters with bullhorns in front of their residences Sunday night. They were seen with Confederate and American flags, and some flags that said "Let's go Brandon." 

Around 5 p.m., Cavazos said about 40 protesters and CCSD police were there, and that she could not come out of her house.  

"They're here. At my house," Cavazos said in a text message to FOX5. "I am not allowed to come out of the house. CCSD police are here in unmarked vehicles." 

At 5:15 p.m., Cavazos told FOX5 that the group had dispersed. 

Cavazos said she and her neighbor called police several times. She added that a couple of the group came "right up to the door." 

CCSD police confirmed that two units responded to "monitor" a crowd of about 30 to 40. The protest lasted about two hours with "no incidents reported," according to Lt. Bryan Zink.

Shortly after the protesters were at Cavazos house, Commissioners Segerblom and Gibson told FOX5 protesters had showed up outside their homes with bullhorns. 

One protester, who identified their self as Jesse Martinson, said their goal is to "get rid" of mask and vaccine mandates. 

"We don't want any restrictions and we definitely don't want any vaccine mandates," Martinson said. 

In a phone interview conducted while protesters still were outside his house, Commissioner Segerblom said he "couldn't comprehend," their behavior. 

"People think that somehow masks are taking away their freedom ... it's just not something I can comprehend," Segerblom said. "Obviously, they're very serious about it."

Gibson said nothing like this has happened to him before, in his 17 years of being a politician.

1121 protesters cavazos

Nov. 21, 2021 in Las Vegas (FOX5) 

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(8) comments


Confederate flag guy needs to get the memo, his side lost back in 1865. Union 1, Confederacy 0.


Should have been dragged outside and given the beatings they deserve for being unamerican liberal scumbag losers !


Physically assaulting people based on their political beliefs goes against everything American ideals stand for.

george strong

Mask and vaccine mandates are evil and insane. Neither masks or vaccines are safe or effective.


The two twits taking pictures of each other says it all.


You know the protest is a legitimate, rational reaction when you see folks draped in Confederate flags....

'merica! Freedumb!

Tots and Pears🙂


Protest that is nonviolent is legit. But is the way these protestors protested right? Two wrongs don't make a right and getting up on somebody's property without permission is both wrong and illegal. Just because the leftist organizations have done it doesn't excuse anybody for doing the same thing. They could take it to the school district and protest. On the other hand, Segerblum's comments on masks are just plain stupid. Masks don't work and we should have been out of them by now. And, mandates for vaccines are unconstitutional because they are not what they purport to be and the government has lied since the beginning.


sounds peaceful to me....tyrants getting what they deserve for abusing children.

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