Clark County officials create campaign to combat illegal fireworks

The sign of a Henderson fireworks stand is seen in this undated file image. (File/FOX5)

Clark County officials announced Thursday that anyone who spots illegal fireworks and would like to make a complaint can do so at

Fourth of July celebrations last year generated so many calls into local police and fire dispatchers that it caused a disruption of phone services, particularly calls made to 9-1-1, according to county officials.

“It will be easy enough for our police and fire officials to see for themselves where the illegal fireworks are coming from and they will respond accordingly,” Clark County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick said. “This is a community problem that can only be addressed by all of us working together as a community.”

Last month, police, fire and elected officials said they will be cracking down across the valley on illegal firework possession and firing.

County officials said offenders can receive a fine up to $1,000 and may also be responsible for firework disposal fees, adding hundreds of more dollars to their fine.

The county has created an educational campaign around this issue to help get the word out. Information about the campaign can be found at

“There are too many injuries and fires attributable to illegal fireworks and it’s time we put a stop to it,” Clark County Commission Vice Chair Chris Giunchigliani said.

Fireworks were responsible for 11,000 injuries treated in U.S. hospitals in 2016 and children younger than 15 make up 31 percent of those injured, the county said in a statement.

The loud noises fireworks make can also disturb pets and veterans who are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It has really gotten out of hand these last few years,” Kirkpatrick said. “We need to get the word out that these fireworks are illegal for a reason and that it’s time to stop. Citations are probably the most effective deterrent we have so those who are thinking of igniting illegal fireworks this year have been put on notice. If this doesn’t work, the next step may be a wholesale ban on all fireworks except those at approved community events.”

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