LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- Clark County is making big strides in getting the valley’s homeless off the streets.  The county has seen fewer homeless people on the streets than las year.

Numbers from the 2019 census found that there are more than 52,000 people living on the streets or in shelters across Clark County. The county says they have seen a 13 percent drop since last year.

“The drop in homeless just shows that we're doing good work,” said Clark County Social Services Manager Michelle Fuller-Hallauer. 

Fuller-Haullauer added that the drop in homeless stems from resources being used more efficiently.

In 2009 there were more than double the amount of homeless people. Each year for the last three years, there have been small drops, but Las Vegas still has some of the highest homeless rates among cities of our size. 

“Most importantly folks need permanent housing, so we have rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing which is housing assistance with case management attached to it,” said Fuller-Haullauer.

Non-profits are stepping up to help people with job skills, so they are employable.

“Our non-profits are working actively to engage folks that are employable or that are under employed to work with our employment training,” said Fuller-Hallauer. 

The city opened a 24/7 courtyard on Foremaster Lane where people can get help or just a shower. 

Although Clark County has seen improvements, the valley is still staring at a homeless crisis.

“We know what works, we know what our system needs. We need more of everything,” said Fuller-Hallauer. 

The county is optimistic about solving the homeless crisis.

“What I do believe we can do, is build a healthy system that can meet the needs of folks that are experiencing a housing crisis; whether it’s preventing them from becoming homeless, providing resources so that they don't have to enter our homeless system,” said Fuller-Hallauer.

People in the community can help the homeless crisis by donating their time to non-profit organizations across the valley.

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