Clark County Commissioners gave the green light to allow drive-thru dispensaries.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- On Wednesday, Clark County Commissioners gave local marijuana dispensaries the green light to operate drive-thru windows.

"I think there’s a convenience aspect that’s appealing to our repeat customers and the locals", said Brandon Wiegand, General Manager of the The SOURCE.

Wiegand compared marijuana to coffee.

"There’s customers who love to go into the coffee stores converse with the staff sit down enjoy their cup of coffee and there’s many many more customers who prefer to stop in on the drive thru on their way to work."

Soon marijuana users can pass through a local dispensary drive thru to get their fix. Clark County Commissioners approved the drive-thru model to make that reality come true.

County Commissioner Tick Segerbloom pushed for the legalization of marijuana. He said the pandemic showed a need for drive-thru dispensaries.

"There’s no real physical contact and the employees are not exposed and the customers are not exposed", said Segerbloom.

Wiegand said the delivery and curbside option kept business going, but having a drive-thru will be a game changer.

"We love our location we love where we’re at, but it’s also going to force us to take a look and see is there a location close by that we could Utilize for drive-thru."

With Clark County paving the way, the idea is that other jurisdictions will follow suit. 

Customers could see drive-thru windows this fall.

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(2) comments


drive thru for drug addicts,congrats ! strip club is next ,quick lap dance....?


Now we have a drive thru for weed addicts. Why not a drive thru for margaritas? Fair is fair, they are both drugs.

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