LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County commissioners cracked down on truck drivers parking their rigs in residential areas.

Commissioners agreed to revise county ordinances in order to fine truck drivers. It also gave county code enforcement the power to ticket and tow truckers who are in violation 72 hours after an issued fine.

The change comes after public outcry at a June meeting where residents voiced their concerns about truckers parking in their neighborhoods.

One truck driver said fines aren't going to fix the bigger problem.

"There's only a few truck stops here so there's incredible shortage of truck parking," said Russ Vanhoosear, a retired truck driver and driver instructor with DTR School of Trucking.

"People are so easy to point the finger, cause problems and be negative and say they're going to stop to this. We need somebody to step up and look at the problem and how about finding a solution?"

Vanhoosear said overcrowding at stations has always been an issue and one he has seen very few areas solve. He said truckers often have nowhere else to go as stops fill up quickly.

He said recent federal regulations have also contributed to the problem.

Drivers are only allowed about 11 hours of driving time and must pull over where ever they can to avoid fines for both themselves and their employers.

"So when that clock runs out, nobody cares where you're at. Nobody wants to hear your stupid little problem," Vanhoosear said.  "You park the truck and turn it off or you're in violation. And you can get heavy fines."

Vanhoosear said he would like to see county commissioners create more parking for trucks, which help the city thrive.

"You look around you cannot show me anything that did not come from a truck. That's how important trucks are to sustaining the population of any city.

And that the very least someone should help "sustain the sustainers."

"They need help too," he said.

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I've decided I'm gonna open a truck stop in my Henderson residential neighborhood. After all, our city council has unanimously voted to allow short term rentals, so it should be no problem, right?


without Trucks America Stops,


Truckers work very hard and are abused by many people, including, it appears, the county. Truckers are necessary to ensure our stores are stocked, so people can live. Treat truckers better and make some laws to ensure their wellbeing.

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