LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County commissioners on Wednesday unanimously approved plans for the Boring Company's Vegas Loop, an underground transportation network.

The approved agreement will allow Elon Musk's company to establish and maintain a transportation system that will go under the Las Vegas Strip.

The Vegas Loop will also run to Allegiant Stadium and UNLV, officials said.

A local tourism leader said the expansion of the Vegas Loop has the potential to be a gamechanger for Las Vegas and beyond.

“You don’t have to stop at every station along the way, you can get in the car here, you can go straight to where you want to go without stopping. There aren’t traffic lights, there aren’t stop signs, there aren’t stations that you have to stop at along the way," said Steve Hill, CEO and president of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Once the full project is complete, likely in a handful of years, Hill said an estimated 700 Tesla vehicles will run through the system at a time, and also estimated that about 57,000 people will be ushered through the loop per hour.

He also shared thoughts on the timeline for construction.

“Within a year, I would hope that we would be under construction with portions of the main system, and then we can continue to expand from there," said Hill.

The express rides will be fare-based. Hill said the cost to use it will likely be more expensive than riding regional transit, but less expensive than using rideshares. Depending on where you're going on the loop, Hill estimated it will cost riders anywhere between $5 and $20 dollars to use.

Clark County noted that the Boring Company's plans also call for an emphasis on the use of local contractors and local workers for the project.

Eventually, the company also envisions expanding the Loop to other areas of the Las Vegas Valley, Clark County said, and adding more stations.

tesla vegas loop

The county said the group's tunnel to Resorts World is already under construction, and that the Boring Company expects it to open in early 2022. County Building permits will be needed for work on the other legs, officials said.

Public funds are not being used in the project, according to LVCVA spokespeople. The Vegas Loop's stations will be built using either the Boring Company's private funds, or funds from the private property group (resort property, for example) who chooses to build it.

Since early summer, the Boring Company has been operating a similar underground system for tradeshow attendees at the Las Vegas Convention Center. LVCVA spokespeople said the transportation mode has been well-received by its users.

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The monorail is the new lemon above ground? Guessing it’s time for another museum? Meanwhile the high speed lemon train coming from beautiful Los Angeles continues ,future problems will be here !


This is why Lyft and Uber should have never messed with the drivers pay scale because this is about to be game changer for all cities over the next decade for certain. Less traffic and easy mobility. I guess ride share didn't think this would happen, As a ride share driver , I knew this would take over but I also knew when greed like Uber and Lyft CEO's started cheating drivers it was over for them sooner than they know. ITs like My Space and Facebook. Now if Uber and Lyft were smart they would give drivers surge and rate control only charging the drivers a flat monthly fee of $10 and allow drivers to keep working and to allow them an opportunity to be able to afford healthcare and bills. Otherwise , as a driver I have already left the scene for other gig work paying 5 times more than ride share;)) Both Lyft and Uber CEO deserve what is coming starting in Vegas with this Boring company which is taking over the city;)) Can't wait for it to open and become one of their drivers!

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