LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- The city of Las Vegas is working to prevent another fire like the one at the Alpine Motel Apartments that killed six people and injured dozens. 

They're creating on a new mandatory program for property owners that would take a more proactive approach to fire inspections. 

"When there are problems, we get notified before they become big problems," said Director of Planning Robert Summerfield, 

Fire investigators found a lot of problems at the Alpine Motel Apartments after the fire. They cited the property for 16 code violations, including an exit door bolted shut from the outside. 

As of now, fire and code inspections are complaint driven. Unless someone speaks up, a building could go years without an inspection, even if the building has a history of failing inspections like the Alpine. 

Under the Multifamily Residential Rental Registry & Inspection Program, property owners would be required to have their building inspected every five years. 

If they continue to fail, the inspections could increase to every three years or more. 

"If it's a property that for whatever reason has been really bad at being in compliance, you may need an inspection every year. We're still trying to iron out what those triggers or thresholds would be," said Summerfield. 

On Thursday, Summerfield and the Las Vegas Fire Marshal Robert Nolan talked to about 150 property owners at City Hall about current fire and code requirements and the new program. 

"I'm not thrilled but it's not unusual ... I've been in programs before, like I said, in other states where they were just ridiculously overbearing. Don't fail my property because I had a dripping faucet because I didn't even know that the faucet drips," said Property Owner Kim Goldstein. 

Goldstein said informational meetings like the one on Thursday will help her be a better property owner. 

"Education is always a good idea ... I care about the people who rent from me. I want them to be safe," she said. 

Hazel Murray agreed. 

"We have to go by the code ... it could save a life," said Murray.

There will be another meeting on March 12 at City Hall.

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